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Reducing Drama & Conflict in Your Home

Over the past few weeks, Bulldog Solution has been running professional development trainings and presentations. We got a big push to educate principals and teachers about drama and bullying.  As parents, it is important to understand the difference, so you can approach the situation with the best strategy. Below is the definition of drama and... Read more »

Advice to Manage Time and Stress from a Working Mom

As we continue to promote our Community Outreach Initiative, I want to share some advice on keeping yourself sane and productive. I am a working mom and a part-time professor so time is something I don’t really have enough of. I had to come up with some tricks and strategies to keep it all together... Read more »

Definitions Every Parent Should Know

This month we are launching our Community Outreach Initiative and we want to share resources to help our local and online community reduce conflict, bullying, and violence. With the media targeting every social conflict as bullying, we are loosing sight of what is really going on. Every bullying situation is different, every social conflict is different,... Read more »

How to Overcome Online Conflict and Trolling

During the month of April, Bulldog Solution is launching our Community Outreach Initiative to help bring our online and local community resources, strategies, and tools to reduce conflict, bullying, and violence. Usually, I talk about how to protect your children and teens from bullying and keeping your home safe. This time, I want to talk... Read more »

As popularity rises, does it increase the risk of being bullied?

As I was sipping my morning coffee, I came across this article: As popularity rises, so does the risk of being bullied by Michelle Healy, of USA TODAY. It is an interesting article, but I want to address some of my concerns. Kids climbing the social ladder are not more likely to be bullied. They will... Read more »

Yik Yak is just another App: Let's Talk about Strategies!

Everywhere I look, I see more news about Yik Yak. After further investigation, I have changed my mind about the dangers of Yik Yak.  Yesterday, I asked one of my students in our anti-bullying groups about it. What was the student’s reaction to this app? To my surprise she answered, “Yik Yak is just another... Read more »

School Assemblies are Ineffective to Deal with Bullying!

School assemblies are a great way to introduce an idea, lesson, or philosophy to a group of students. Over the past few years, principals and school districts have been using school-wide assemblies to tackle issues such as bullying, violence, and relational aggression (gossip, exclusion, rumors). The problem with this strategy is that it often FAILS!... Read more »

Bye Bye Bully: How to Keep Your Home Virtually Safe

This week, Bulldog Solution ran a parent training at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy. We would like to share some of the strategies you can use in your home to reduce cyberbullying, online drama, and cyber conflict. Here are some quick tips to keep your home safe: Online Safety Talk to your child about how to behave... Read more »

No Name Calling Week

Lately, I have been focusing on reflecting on the words I choose to speak daily.  This week started off the national “No Name Calling Week,” that takes place from January 20th– January 24, 2014.   The purpose of No-Name Calling Week is to call attention to anti-bullying in schools. The yearly event has a national presence... Read more »

Zooey Deschanel is a great role model

Yesterday, I was looking through magazines, books, and my iPad to inspire me for my upcoming Bully Proof/Leadership Program. I came across a great article about Zooey Deschanel in the February issue of Glamour. I am a big fan of the Deschanel sisters and reading Zooey’s article in Glamour made me admire her a little... Read more »