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Gov. Pat Quinn is Signing The House Bill 5707: Anti-Bullying Policy

Today Governor Pat Quinn will sign the anti-bullying bill. The House Bill 5707 will require all public schools to implement an anti-bullying policy with a clear definition about bullying, procedures for students to report bullying and for administration to investigate those incidents, process to notify parents about bullying, and an action plan to address each... Read more »

Everything is Labeled as Bullying!

Lately, I have been on Twitter and Google News and I have seen so many incidents of violence and hatred pegged as bullying, such as the recent Crump and Estevez incident. So today, I want to express my frustration with the overuse of the word “bullying” and the consequences of this has on our kids and... Read more »

Letting Your Kids Go To Follow Their Dreams: Interview with Mother and Grandmother Krystyna Mekarski

For the month of May, I want to feature 31 women who continue to touch my life through their kindness, friendship, humor, passion, and determination. Each of these women have some great secrets as they open their doors and let me into their “mommy world”. Their stories bring us back to the realization that we all... Read more »

Community Outreach Initiative

Bulldog Solution has been super busy this past month with our Community Outreach Initiative. It has been such a great experience, and we have gotten the chance to meet some wonderful people. We also learned about the lack of resources for parents and teachers. This project is designed to help communities learn more about protecting... Read more »

Definitions Every Parent Should Know

This month we are launching our Community Outreach Initiative and we want to share resources to help our local and online community reduce conflict, bullying, and violence. With the media targeting every social conflict as bullying, we are loosing sight of what is really going on. Every bullying situation is different, every social conflict is different,... Read more »

As popularity rises, does it increase the risk of being bullied?

As I was sipping my morning coffee, I came across this article: As popularity rises, so does the risk of being bullied by Michelle Healy, of USA TODAY. It is an interesting article, but I want to address some of my concerns. Kids climbing the social ladder are not more likely to be bullied. They will... Read more »

Yik Yak is just another App: Let's Talk about Strategies!

Everywhere I look, I see more news about Yik Yak. After further investigation, I have changed my mind about the dangers of Yik Yak.  Yesterday, I asked one of my students in our anti-bullying groups about it. What was the student’s reaction to this app? To my surprise she answered, “Yik Yak is just another... Read more »

School Assemblies are Ineffective to Deal with Bullying!

School assemblies are a great way to introduce an idea, lesson, or philosophy to a group of students. Over the past few years, principals and school districts have been using school-wide assemblies to tackle issues such as bullying, violence, and relational aggression (gossip, exclusion, rumors). The problem with this strategy is that it often FAILS!... Read more »

Bye Bye Bully: How to Keep Your Home Virtually Safe

This week, Bulldog Solution ran a parent training at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy. We would like to share some of the strategies you can use in your home to reduce cyberbullying, online drama, and cyber conflict. Here are some quick tips to keep your home safe: Online Safety Talk to your child about how to behave... Read more »

Kindness from The Heart: A Valentine's Tribute to Michael Morones

On Valentine’s Day, it is time to tell people you love why they are important to you. That is the cliché of our society and we all fall into the evil hands of Hallmark and go into chocolate comas over overpriced candy. Well, this week is also National Kindness Week. It is a week dedicated... Read more »