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Letting Your Kids Go To Follow Their Dreams: Interview with Mother and Grandmother Krystyna Mekarski

For the month of May, I want to feature 31 women who continue to touch my life through their kindness, friendship, humor, passion, and determination. Each of these women have some great secrets as they open their doors and let me into their “mommy world”. Their stories bring us back to the realization that we all... Read more »

As popularity rises, does it increase the risk of being bullied?

As I was sipping my morning coffee, I came across this article: As popularity rises, so does the risk of being bullied by Michelle Healy, of USA TODAY. It is an interesting article, but I want to address some of my concerns. Kids climbing the social ladder are not more likely to be bullied. They will... Read more »

A Letter to Bella: Don't Give Up!

My heart aches, tears are rolling down my cheeks. As we are starting a program in one of our high schools, I was told that a student I worked closely with last year dropped out of school, a semester before she was supposed to graduate. It hit me hard and I am not able to... Read more »

Advice to My Younger Self: High School is Hell but it will Pass

Over the holidays, I started a series of amazing books by Ellyn Spragins: Letters To My Younger Self. I am obsessed. This woman is absolutely brilliant. I applaud Ellyn for her innovative idea and collecting fascinating stories from successful women. She is my new hero. I am inspired to use her concept and ask some... Read more »

Rachel's Challenge: A Review From A Bully Teacher

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet another anti-bulling/anti-violence organization at a speaking engagement. I was so moved by the speaker, Bill Sanders, from Rachel’s Challenge. I could not hold back the tears. He gave a moving presentation on Rachel’s life and the Columbine shooting. The presentation was about using kindness to help decrease bullying... Read more »

Zooey Deschanel is a great role model

Yesterday, I was looking through magazines, books, and my iPad to inspire me for my upcoming Bully Proof/Leadership Program. I came across a great article about Zooey Deschanel in the February issue of Glamour. I am a big fan of the Deschanel sisters and reading Zooey’s article in Glamour made me admire her a little... Read more »

School Massacre Leaves Us Trembling

Walking through another day, I find myself breaking down and crying. How can one young man enter an elementary school and kill so many innocent children and adults? I am speechless and brought to wonder what happened? I believe that we are all confused, disgusted, saddened and concerned. This could have been our school, this... Read more »

Was Jennifer Livingston Bullied?

It has taken me a while to write about Jennifer Livingston but today I feel courageous and I want to share my thoughts on her so-called “bullying” situation. I also strategically waited until her one minute of fame died down, so I would not get caught in the cross fire. I am going to say it... Read more »