Increasing Self-Esteem: A Way to Combat Bullying

For Bullying Prevention Month, we are sharing resources, tips, interviews, and ideas to overcome bullying and drama. We often just think of bullying as one thing, but in reality it impacts the way we can live our lives. One of the strategies that we often teach in our student programs is increasing self-esteem. Increasing students’ self-esteem is an influential way for them to build the internal strength to combat the negative behaviors they may face, such as drama and bullying. There are many pressures that influence self-esteem: life, situational, and personal pressures, school pressures, relationship pressures, and work pressures. Below are some tips to build your self-esteem. Practice them, share them with your kids, and remember: a bully won't bully a wall, it finds a target. Teach your kids about not being a target. High self-esteem is a shield against drama and bullying.

How to build self-esteem:

  1. Write down 10 things that you like about yourself.Stragey
  2. Practice a coping skill before hand so that you are ready when confronted with things that negatively influence your self-esteem. Role-plays and visualization exercises are a great tool.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths when you are faced with a bad situation, stress, or you are angry. Focus on your breath and letting the negative emotions out.
  4. Taking a moment to cool off and rethink the situation. Think about what you can control and what is out of your control.
  5. Keep a list of the things that keep you happy.
  6. Keep busy; don’t dwell on the negative. Don't isolate yourself. Think of things that you are thankful for. Discover what you are grateful for.
  7. Surround yourself with positive friends. "Negative Nancies" will bring down your self-esteem.
  8. Join clubs, sports, or social groups that interest you. Explore new things.iStock_000007697683_ExtraSmall
  9. Journal about the things/people/events that lower your self-esteem. Write it down. It might be painful, but then it is on paper and not in your head.
  10. Realize that you had a bad day and tomorrow is a new opportunity to start fresh. When it gets really hard remember that nothing is permanent. All things shall pass!

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