A Chicago Mom’s Guide for the Perfect Go To Outfit

As a working mom and owner of a small business, my time is limited, but not as limited as my wardrobe. I am obsessed with Lululemon. It’s all I wear; it pulls all my not so flattering stuff together. When the morning rush calls- I resort to Lulu! With a tank top and leggings or yoga pants, you can’t go wrong! I decided to ask my fellow Chicago mommies to see what was their go to outfit was this summer. Here are the top ten must haves in your closet to survive the unexpected adventures of motherhood while combating this Chicago heat.

1. Tank tops. They are easy to layer and can be used to dress up or down in a moment's notice.

2. A good pair of jeans. Make sure to have a versatile pair that can be worn everyday. I love ones that can be easily paired with heels, as well as flip-flops. Even though they are a fashion faux pas…I love my flip-flops.

3. Leggings or cropped leggings. My go to pair are Lululemon Wunder Under and  In the Flow II. They come up high and last a long time. I buy a few pairs a season and wear them daily.

4. Yoga pants. Lululemon or Athleta have some good options. They are good to run around with and also use for a workout. I often wear my workout gear throughout the day so I am ready to squeeze in a workout in a moment's notice.

5. Sundresses. Francesca’s is one of my favorite places to buy dresses that are stylish and affordable.

6. A good cardigan, wrap, or black long sleeves. It is good to always have something to layer over your tanks or dresses. Chicago stores love to turn down the A/C, so you end up freezing inside them in the summer! I always throw a wrap or long sleeves in my bag, just in case.

7. A good bag. Go with one that is stylish, yet practical. I SPLURGE on one bag a season and use it daily.

8. Tunics. They can be used to help hide some of those extra pounds, dress up some leggings, or spruce up your skinny jeans.

9. A good pair of sneakers or running shoes. When you are multi-tasking, it helps to have the right pair of shoes. I love checking out Zappos for shoes, boots....and just about anything!

10. Some versatile sandals. Get yourself some that can be worn with jeans, yoga pants, and that pretty summer dress. You want simplicity and versatility.

And a little extra tip for the stylish fashionista momma in you….

A great pair of sunglasses. When I have my favorite pair of sunglasses on, my confidence is through the roof. The right pair can give you a chic look to take on the day.

So…there you have it! These are my suggestions based off of local Chicago moms that want to look presentable, yet need to be comfy enough to run after their kids. For more mommy tips and practical style advice, check out our 31 true-to-self mommas of our Mommy Blog Project! Also...keep those comments coming! I would love to hear more moms on the go share their practical summer clothing advice!

Until Next Time...
Kortney Peagram
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