Gov. Pat Quinn is Signing The House Bill 5707: Anti-Bullying Policy

New Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Holds News ConferenceToday Governor Pat Quinn will sign the anti-bullying bill. The House Bill 5707 will require all public schools to implement an anti-bullying policy with a clear definition about bullying, procedures for students to report bullying and for administration to investigate those incidents, process to notify parents about bullying, and an action plan to address each incident. In theory, this bill might be a good foundation to help decrease bullying incidents; however, without the proper training on procedures and the anti-bullying policy, this concept won’t stick. Here is what principals need to do:

  1. Build an anti-bullying policy
  2. Explain the purpose of the policy
  3. Define bullying, relational aggression, and cyberbullying
  4. Explain how to report it
  5. Explain procedures to address each of these types of bullying
  6. Address how you will contact parents and what is their responsibility
  7. Define other negative behaviors so they are not confused with bullying
  8. Develop procedures to report bullying
  9. Design clear procedures
  10. Walk staff through what to do and how to tackle incidents

procedure titleThis is a step by step process and it is important to lay out directions clearly. Developing an easy way for teachers, students, and staff to report bullying with proper documentation will help protect your school. Find an easy reporting form that teachers agree to use. After all this, you need to train staff on the new anti-bullying policy and the procedures. Training is often overlooked and probably the most important component when you add in a new policy.

These 10 steps can help support the anti-bullying policy. With my training and background in Business Psychology,  I know that nothing will get resolved if you only slap on a policy to a problem. It is important to have strong procedures in place, training, and follow up to ensure that your school supports the anti-bullying policy.

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