Taking Her OWN Advice to Heart: Interview with Life/ Relationship Coach and Mom Jasmine Myers

For the month of May, I want to feature 31 women who continue to touch my life through their kindness, friendship, humor, passion, and determination. Each of these women have some great secrets as they open their doors and let me into their "mommy world". Their stories bring us back to the realization that we all go through struggles, make mistakes, and sometimes need to "fake it until we make it" as parents. Join us as we celebrate these mothers throughout the month of May.

Welcome to day 25 of Bulldog’s Mommy Blog Project! Today we get to feature the relationship-oriented mom, Jasmine Myers. Before we learn more about this relationship expert takes her own advice as a mother, let’s learn about the parenting tip of the day.

Parenting Tip of the day: In our busy and work-oriented society, we often forgo taking care of ourselves and making sure we get the vitamins and nutrients we need. With the day-to-day grind and our back-to-back schedules, we often forget to just go outside to enjoy the sun and some fresh air. Being outside and getting those few moments of sun also mean getting some natural vitamin D for your body. Without this important vitamin, we can face health risks ranging from headaches to more serious diseases like osteoporosis. One of the best ways to get some vitamin D is to get outside and get some of that sun! Here are some easy ways to accomplish this throughout your day:

  • Sit on your porch/lawn while you drink your coffee
  • Pack a blanket in the car for an impromptu family day at the park
  • Use your lunch hour to walk around the city or park
  • Go for a run outside instead of hitting the indoor track/ treadmill at the gym
  • Take a long walk with your family instead of watching TV

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I met Jasmine Myers when she was a student in a master’s level Organizational Behavior class I was teaching. Jasmine was quiet, kind, and EXTREMELY intelligent. I knew she would go on to doing amazing things in life. When I found out she was pregnant and completing her doctorate degree, all while starting her own business, I knew she would find a way to make it all work. After graduating, she moved her family from Chicago to Mississippi and started working on making her business flourish. Jasmine is the type of woman that embraced motherhood lovingly, all while building her business.

Please welcome the introspective and entrepreneurial spirited Jasmine Myers to our Mommy Blog Project!

Pic 1 Jasmine

Name: Jasmine Myers
Location: Golf Port, Mississippi
Mommy Title: Loving/ Focused Mommy, President of Myers Life Coaching LLC and Gulf Coast Management Consulting
Favorite Social Media Site: Facebook
Mommy Status: Married
Number of kids: 1
Age: 6 months old
Gender: Boy

Walk me through a day in your household.
I wake up around 8-9am and I feed the baby. Then I change him, give him his bath for the day, and get him settled in for a nap. I get on the computer and work on my blog. Then my husband gets up and I get him off to work. My son wakes up for an hour or so soon after that. In the afternoon, I meet with clients and work on marketing or coaching sessions. Around 4pm, I make sure to get a workout in. I’ll usually do a cardio video or I’ll take my son for a walk. Then it is time to do the housework, cook some dinner, clean, and do some laundry. When my husband gets home from work, we are able to have an early evening with our son. Then I wrap up my business tasks before bed. I am typically in bed around midnight.

Jasmine Myers

What is your favorite room in the house and why?
I love my living room. It’s where I get most of my work done and where I spend time with my son. It is the place where I can “do it all” and feel grounded.

What is your favorite time of the day with your kids?
I love my afternoon walks with my son. We get out of the house for a bit and get some fresh air. I appreciate my time with my son, and getting some exercise in is a GREAT bonus. It’s nice to get that mid-day break.

What is a unique family tradition?
We do family time in the early evenings. My husband and I spend time with our son and watch him play. Since we are typically holding him all the time, we use our family time to teach him to roll over and sit up. We really enjoy this time with him.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed?
I listen to my music and I take a bath. It relaxes me and I get to escape. With all the different things I tackle in a day, sometimes it is nice to just have this moment to myself.

What is the best “uh-oh” story?
I was about to take a bath and I was in the process of filling the tub up. I went in to check on my son in his room. Time must have gotten the best of me, because when I went back into the bathroom, the tub had overflowed and there was water everywhere!


Which celebrity mom is most like you and why?
La La Anthony: I admire her SO much! She manages her career and she exposes her kids to some great experiences, like volunteer work. She is loving and present in their lives. She spends the time teaching her kids about the world and how to interact with others.

What is your favorite website or blog?
I love Baby Center. It’s such a great resource for new moms!

What advice would you give your younger self?
I would tell my younger self to be more in the moment and enjoy life for what it is. In your early years, you party and you go through the motions without really taking it all in. Enjoy these moments for what they are.

What is your go to outfit?
I have a gray Gianni dress that is my go to outfit when I meet with clients. It’s flattering and also the perfect business attire!

What is something you are pretending to know about but have no clue?
I learn as I go and with my clients. It's a new experience everyday. I am going with my intuition most of time because every situation is different. I am a good listener and give it my all when I’m with my clients. That initial meeting is all about spending that time exploring their needs. It’s all about being confident until you get to know your client inside and out…that’s when the real change happens. Until then…it’s a learning curve for both the client and myself.

What have you learned from your kids?
I have learned that it is NOT all about me. My son comes first. Some days I am so busy that I have to ask myself, “Did mommy even comb her hair this morning?”

If you could ask the universe one question what would it be?
That is a tough one! I finally feel like I know my purpose in life. I have found that rhythm and I’m building upon it everyday. I think my question would be: How many people will I be able to impact with my goals? How many people will I impact with my coaching?

What is the looming task on your to do list?
A looming task would be increasing my businesses’ exposure by advertising and getting some radio ads going to market my company.

Closing thoughts, mantra, or advice:
I would say don’t feel bad about taking some time for yourself!

I would like to thank Jasmine Myers for reaffirming that being a new mother is learning how to adjust to many transitions and managing new challenges each day. As a new mother, Jasmine is able to reflect upon her goals and always remembers to incorporate her family in future thinking and plans. She has a calmness about her and you really feel like she listens to you. She takes on many new ventures, but does not rush through the important moments in life. 

Jasmine Myers, PsyD, is the President of Myers Life Coaching LLC. and Gulf Coast Management Consulting. Jasmine empowers her clients to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life and business. Jasmine received her Doctorate degree in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This degrees allowed her to pursue her biggest passions: the observation of life through another person’s perspective, and the practice. She practices the work-life balance she preaches and knows the importance of actively listening to her clients. Visit her website or blog to learn more!

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