Get Outside and PLAY! Interview with Energetic Mom Jenn Fullick

For the month of May, I want to feature 31 women who continue to touch my life through their kindness, friendship, humor, passion, and determination. Each of these women have some great secrets as they open their doors and let me into their "mommy world". Their stories bring us back to the realization that we all go through struggles, make mistakes, and sometimes need to "fake it until we make it" as parents. Join us as we celebrate these mothers throughout the month of May.

Welcome to day 23 of Bulldog’s Mommy Blog Project! Today we get to feature Jenn Fullick, Director of International Programs, doctoral student, travel fanatic, and fun-loving mom. Jenn makes it a priority to keep her family playing together and loving every moment of it. Before we learn more about how this active mom holds it all together, let’s learn about the parenting tip of the day.

Parenting Tip of the Day: Bully proof your home from online stalkers, predators, and bullies. Be present in your children’s online “life” and help them make positive decisions. Here are a few ideas to keep your home safe from online harm:

  • Dock your phones, tablets, and laptops at night. Pick a location in the in your home where you and your family can leave your phones and devices at night. Set a time to have to phones docked or collect all technology before bed. This will prevent your kids from using their phones without supervision or late at night when they should be sleeping.
  • Have a family "Delete Night”. Help your child eliminate inappropriate pictures or old posts that could start drama, bullying, and fuel a fight. Go through your own social media sites and do the same to role model a positive example. Make it a family night and “Spring Clean” your social media sites.
  • COMMUNICATE. The most important strategy is to talk with your kids about online safety. I can't emphasize that enough in my trainings. Find time to just listen and honestly talk. It can take time until your child comes around to the idea, but if you are present and listen, it makes such a difference.

For more info or tips click on our website: Parent Coaching

I work all the time and I don't really socialize with other moms. I wish I could and I want to do that more, but that is a story for another day. Last summer, I was asked by a mutual friend to meet these working mommies for happy hour. I was thrilled for the opportunity to meet working moms and see how they managed life in general. As soon as I got there, Jenn just chatted it up with me. She is so approachable, honest, kind, and positive that you want to be around her. She does not sweat the small stuff and truly enjoys her life. She takes on projects, such as renovating her house with her husband, and sets goals to better her career. She takes every opportunity and embraces it. She loves being challenged, but always makes time to have fun.

Please welcome the energetic and lovable DIY mom, Jenn Fullick to our Mommy Blog Project!

Jenn FullickName: Jenn Fullick
Location: Chicago, IL
Mommy Title: Moving/ Active Mom, Director of International Programs and Services, and Doctoral student in Organizational Leadership Psychology
Favorite Social Media Site: Facebook
Mommy Status: Married
Number of kids: 1
Age: 3 ½
Gender: Boy

Walk me through a day in your household.
Well, it usually starts before 7am. My son yells, “It is morning time!” and that is our wake up call. We eat breakfast as a family and then get ready for our day. We go to school as a family and then my husband and I go to work. My son’s daycare lasts 3 hours and then he goes to a nanny share. The nanny and kids come back to my place and they go do something active. They are out and about. We are home in the early evening and we try to do something together. My son will take his scooter, my husband will take his skateboard, and I will get on my bike. We will head to the park and go around the neighborhood. We love to be outside, doing something. We get back to eat dinner and then get ready for bed. My son usually goes down around 9pm. Then my husband and I do everything else. I am also going to school full-time, so I need to get my reading and assignments done. I do that whenever I get a moment. I fit it in, but I don’t compromise my time with my family.

What is your favorite room in the house and why?
It’s my bedroom because I can read there and I have a nice skylight. I can see planes pass over. It’s pretty cool.

Jenn Fullick Fav Room

What is your favorite time of the day with your kids?
Right when my son wakes up. He says the funniest things when he first wakes up. You can see what he was dreaming about and get an insight into his world.

What is a unique family tradition?
For Christmas, we always do stockings and put an orange in them when we have been good or coal when we have been naughty. So far, it’s been all oranges. It’s fun to do!

What do you do when you are overwhelmed?
I make lists. LOTS and LOTS of lists. I also tell someone about my problems and just talk about it. Honestly, I started to talk to others about my problems recently and it's an easy, obvious thing to do! But, I never did that before and I’m not sure why.

What is the best “uh-oh” story?
There are SO many. Let’s see… So, I think that the worst sound I ever heard was when my son was 6 months old. I put him in his high chair (the ones you hook up to a chair). My chairs are a bit higher than standard ones, so this booster seat was perfect for our table. I was with him the whole time, but I turned my back to him to grab some stuff from the counter and I just hear a THUMP. Like skin hitting the ground THUMP. He was fine, but he fell because I forgot to tie him in. I learned a few good lessons that day: 1) I was going to make mistakes, 2) I need to be more careful, and 3) to not beat myself up over this kind of stuff.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Which celebrity mom is most like you and why?
I don’t like saying it, but Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Kate Reddy, in “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” I didn't see the movie, but the book really spoke to me. There is a part in the book where she tackles all these things. Her thoughts are not compartmentalized, but all running through her head at once. It’s like a giant to-do list of EVERYTHING. From all the little things in life to the biggest issues, like: 1) I need to get butter , 2) pick up dry cleaning, 3) I need to get this done for work , to 4) where should my son go to school? I can relate to the character in the book, my brain works the same way.

What is your favorite website or blog?
I love Bower Power. This mommy blogger is totally NOT like me. She is so different. She lives in the south and is very religious. I am in the mid-west and not religious at all. But, I can definitely relate to the mom stuff she posts about. Sometimes the stuff she says is off the wall. It is so interesting.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Enjoy the moments of your life that are unscheduled periods of time. Later on, they disappear.

What is your go to outfit?
Tunics, legging, and black boots.

What is something you are pretending to know about but have no clue?
EVERYTHING, oh man! Maybe just parenthood. Sometimes I have no clue! I was never that person that yearned for kids, or saw myself as a mom, so I just take it day by day. There is always something new to learn and discover.

What have you learned from your kids?
It’s all about patience and being present in the moment.

If you could ask the universe one question what would it be?
Am I doing the right thing?

What is the looming task on your to do list?
Redoing the outdoor stoop of our house. If we just took some time to get it done and fix it, life would be great. We have put it off so long and it affects so many things.

Closing thoughts, mantra, or advice:
Just do what works for you. Don’t worry about what others are doing. This applies not only to parenting, but everything. If it is working for you, it is worth it.

I would like to thank Jenn Fullick for taking the time out of her busy life to speak to me. When Jenn speaks about life and her family, her voice carries all the love she has for them. Jenn makes it a priority to stay grounded as a mother, even through the daily struggles of work and the packed schedule of a doctorate degree. She loves to try new things and experience life. So take it from Jenn! Just get out, be with your family, and play!

Until Next Time...
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