My Guilty Pleasure as a Bully Teacher

As you know I talk passionately about bullying and parenting. But I am also a mom, a wife, and a person. So what is my guilty pleasure? Well to be honest, I love TV and wine. I won't lie, when I get a moment to catch up on my DVR all I can think is: " I AM ADDICTED TO TV!" I love the criminal shows. You name it and I am watching it. Blacklist, Criminal minds, Intelligence, Scandal, The Good Wife. I watch them all. Do I miss out on sleep? Oh yes, and I imagine myself as an FBI agent busting crime and having the perfect outfit too. I love those shows. They add that little drama in my life, I need that fix. Working with middle school and high school, I often see how bad it can be but when I watch my shows, I get to let go and imagine the endless possibilities. I sip my wine and pretend, I am as skinny as agent Jennifer Jareau, from Criminal Minds, and I have the life of a super agent. I love to think about all those crimes and how they could use me to solve them.

That is my secret guilty pleasure! What makes me human...What makes me just who I am!


Until next time...

Kortney Peagram

Bulldog Solution

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