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Hands Free MamaThis is a book you need to add to your reading list: Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters!, by Rachel Macy Stafford.

I am a big reader. I love to read parenting books, anti-bullying books, social psychology papers, research articles, and learn what the experts have to say about the world we live in. This month, I would like to recommend a book for all of us out there who are constantly wired to our phones, computers, and tablets.

Hands Free Mama is one of those books that forces you to reflect on your own behaviors. As I read the book late into the night, I started re-evaluating the way I interact with my family, friends, and staff. Hands Free Mama is a great book about how one woman had a meltdown from taking on too much. She chose to then open her heart and change. The work mentality and endless to-do lists were just too much for Rachel Macy Stafford and she realized things needed to change. Rachel set some goals and worked on changing her wired self to be a more balanced present self.

I often see a lot of women having the superhero complex (I am the number one perpetrator). I want to be the perfect mom, best wife, unflawed friend, lovable teacher, and inspiring boss. I try to check everything off my task list and still be put together. By seeing Rachel open up and share her experience with having the superhero complex, she made me feel human.

In her book, Rachel walks us through a day in her life and how she got caught up with texting, email, and social media. She admits neglecting to see what was truly important: her daughters, her family. The book makes you fall in love with Rachel: you identify with her, you cry with her, you laugh with her, and as you plunge deeper into her book, she becomes your best friend. You can imagine her loosing her temper because she can’t get out of the door on time, tripping over shoes, kids half dressed and not moving to the speed of a wired adult. You can imagine it, because so often we are like Rachel snapping at our husbands’ because we are late, he’s not getting the kids’ coats on, and he misplaced the diaper bag. I can see myself having an adult tantrum with my husband, “Is it that hard to put her snowsuit on! Why didn’t you wash the bottles, and where are your shoes? You make me so angry…” I admit I have adult tantrums behind closed doors. I scream, I slam doors, I cry, and I sometimes place blame. Reading Rachel’s book, I realized I was a fallen superhero and she showed me how to stop trying to be perfect. Superheroes only exist on TV and in the movies; I deserve to enjoy this life I built for myself.  Rachel gave me that realization by her words and honesty.

Rachel’s book shares stories of how she learned to put the phone down and really be in the moment, be present, and be herself. She discusses how to manage time and schedule in free time to play, learn, and love. She accomplished this and shares how we can do it too! Rachel was able to forgive herself for being absent and learn to be present. She is honest, beautiful, and inspiring. This book is great for all of us. Learning to put our phones down and spend time with the people we love is so important. It gives us those “sunset moments” that we will cherish forever. To read more about having “sunset moments” and learn about put your own phone down, please click below and give yourself a chance to fall in love with Rachel.

Hands Free Mama Book

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