Bye Bye Bully: How to Keep Your Home Virtually Safe

This week, Bulldog Solution ran a parent training at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy. We would like to share some of the strategies you can use in your home to reduce cyberbullying, online drama, and cyber conflict. Here are some quick tips to keep your home safe:

Online Safety

  • Talk to your child about how to behave online
  • Be alert for new apps, social media sites, and chat rooms
  • Learn to navigate Instagram, Twitter, Vine, SnapChat, and Whisper
  • Be your child's friend or follower but don't comment on posts or photos. You don't want to embarrass your child or add cyber drama to something you might not understand
  • Create a family policy that addresses appropriate internet use: RESPECT/SAFETY contract in your home
  • Emphasize that silence is unacceptable
  • Explain that once you post something you can’t take it back
  • Create a family night to promote safe internet usage
  • Have a "Delete Night" with your family: Help your child eliminate inappropriate pictures or old posts that could start drama, bullying, and fuel a fight
  • Ask your child about why and how people cyber bully and have your child come up with strategies to stop cyberbullying, online drama, and cyber conflict

The most important strategy is to COMMUNICATE. I can't emphasize that enough in my trainings. Find time to just listen and honestly talk. It can take time until your child comes around but if you are present and listen, it makes such a difference.

Be Brave*Be Strong*Be a Bulldog

Until Next Time...

Kortney Peagram

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