Random Acts of Kindness

This week, I was working with my staff on a leadership program. The topic for the day was random acts of kindness. During our session, I was sitting with my students and we were talking about why being kind is not cool. My group was a great mix of athletes, popular kids, class clowns, and a few bad asses. I love my group and they are so interesting and authentic. We spent some time setting goals around being kind to others. We did worksheets to brainstorm ideas. Students came up with realistic goals that would make small changes in other people's lives. These small changes mean more than they will ever know. The power of choosing kindness over meanness can make a difference. Believe me, I lived through it first hand...today!

Lately, I have not been myself. I have been tired, stressed with work, tackling motherhood, figuring out bills, and the list goes on. I have been in my head and not being aware of my surroundings. So I was at Target picking up only a few items, which we all know was a lie. I can't walk out of that place without spending at least $100.00. I grabbed my purchases and pushed the cart to my car. As I am loading up the car, I saw my wallet in the cart and for a fraction of second I thought,"Kortney don't forget your wallet!" But I immediately lost track of my thoughts and drove off. Fifteen minutes later, I was frantically throwing everything out of the Target bags. I was in the middle of my street, panicking. I realized I left my wallet in the red Target cart.

I drove off like a speed demon just praying that the cart was still there. I knew it probably was gone. My credits cards, corporate card, license, money, you name it and it was in my wallet. I ran to the cart drop-off and nothing, I looked around where I parked and still nothing. I ran into Target to customer service and they did not have anything. I was on the verge of crying and having a panic attack. The customer service person says;" Go to a cashier, someone might have turned it in and they would have put it in a safe." Desperate, I ran to the girl that scanned my items. She said, "Yea, I think we have it. Its brown right?!?" Tears started rolling down my checks. Tears of relief and disbelief. She unlocked the safe and shared that it was turned in by the security gal JoJo. Everything was there. Money and cards were untouched. The cashier pointed to JoJo. I ran up to the woman and gave her the biggest hug. (I think I scared JoJo and totally invaded her bubble. She probably thinks I am a nutcase). I don't typically hug strangers but today, of all days, I believed in humanity. I could not hold back the tears. It was clear to me that kindness exists and people do the right thing.

Sometimes, I get sad working in my field. Some of the schools have underprivileged youth. They go through so much stuff; they see and do things that we can't comprehend, things that we can't imagine. I often lose faith in our system and think that my work is never ending. However, today that security guard gave me hope. That stranger that returned the wallet to JoJo gave me a fresh perspective. People are kind and empathetic. We just sometimes forget to express it. Those random acts of kindness make a difference. JoJo and the stranger saved me time, money, and so much agony by simply returning my wallet.  I am grateful for kind people. I am grateful that I saw first hand a random act of kindness this week.

So now, I will be thinking of giving back somehow to the universe. I want to return that random act of kindness. Can you imagine if we all thought this way...Things would be different. What can we do to be kinder to each other? What are some easy things to do that would brighten someone’s day?

Food for thought!

Until next time...

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