Reducing Drama & Conflict in Your Home

Over the past few weeks, Bulldog Solution has been running professional development trainings and presentations. We got a big push to educate principals and teachers about drama and bullying.  As parents, it is important to understand the difference, so you can approach the situation with the best strategy. Below is the definition of drama and... Read more »

What Parents Can Learn from Their Kids: A Fresh Perspective

In May, my team and I completed 30 interviews with inspiring moms across the country. We got so much information and learned about how mommies literally manage their homes. I want to recap some of my favorite moments and share their insight on what they learned from their kids. Here is a list of some of my... Read more »

Lessons from My Pregnant Sister: Midwives & Home Birth

This week I found a new admiration and love for my younger sister. My sister is 31 weeks pregnant and I had an opportunity to be with her for a midwife appointment. It was the first time that I saw the world through her eyes. My sister is taking the time to really think about... Read more »

A Chicago Mom’s Guide for the Perfect Go To Outfit

As a working mom and owner of a small business, my time is limited, but not as limited as my wardrobe. I am obsessed with Lululemon. It’s all I wear; it pulls all my not so flattering stuff together. When the morning rush calls- I resort to Lulu! With a tank top and leggings or yoga... Read more »

Gov. Pat Quinn is Signing The House Bill 5707: Anti-Bullying Policy

Today Governor Pat Quinn will sign the anti-bullying bill. The House Bill 5707 will require all public schools to implement an anti-bullying policy with a clear definition about bullying, procedures for students to report bullying and for administration to investigate those incidents, process to notify parents about bullying, and an action plan to address each... Read more »

Everything is Labeled as Bullying!

Lately, I have been on Twitter and Google News and I have seen so many incidents of violence and hatred pegged as bullying, such as the recent Crump and Estevez incident. So today, I want to express my frustration with the overuse of the word “bullying” and the consequences of this has on our kids and... Read more »

Overwhelmed and Dealing with Mommy Stress: Strategies to Overcome it!

We all get stressed and overwhelmed from time to time. I spent the first year of my daughter’s life in a constant overwhelmed state. With all the changes that occur during motherhood, we need some strategies to help us. We surveyed women across the country and came up with our top 10 favorite tips. Walk... Read more »

Q&A with ChicagoNow Blogger: Erin Vandenberg of Eri-thon

I got this awesome opportunity to interview another blogger, Erin Vandenberg. I got to dive into her world of running, exercising, and staying fit. It was lovely to talk to her and learn about how she manages to fit her workouts in her daily life. Erin gave me some great suggestions and shared her passion... Read more »

Oh, mama, you are in labor! Here’s my advice to you!

One of my best friends is in labor and I got inspired to share some of my best advice and dark tales from motherhood. As a newcomer to the mommy club, you never know what to expect. I was hit so hard, I spent the first 3 months of my daughter’s life with a glazed... Read more »

Motherhood in Perspective: Lessons Learned from the Mommy Blog Project

Welcome to the conclusion of Bulldog’s Mommy Blog Project! Today, I take a look back at this month long project and the lessons in motherhood I learned throughout the way.   We asked 33 women to participate in this project, and 30 of them accepted the challenge. I crafted up the interview questions by thinking about what... Read more »