Mommy Shaming Leads to Mean Girls

As Bulldog Solution launches our back to school campaign and delivers our programs in schools, I feel that this is a topic that needs to be addressed: Mommy Shaming. This is an issue that needs to stop! Ladies, what is this about? Why is it done? As a mom, I have been shamed, and it really hurt... Read more »

Overcoming Hate in a World So Grim

As I read the news of Charlottesville and watched the videos, I could not hold back my tears. Watching such hate and violence put my heart in a state of emergency. I can’t start to comprehend the guiding principles or values of white supremacists. It baffles me that people have the ability to believe that they... Read more »

How to Talk to Teens about 13 Reasons Why

The Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why” is a controversial drama that depicts the life of a teenage girl. Through the series we explore her life as she painfully describes in these 13 audio tapes why she committed suicide. The show loops in bullying, cyberbullying, rape, slut shaming, drugs, alcohol, and a lot of drama. As an educator... Read more »

13 Reasons WHY You Should Talk to Your Kids about Suicide

Over the weekend, I sat in a church pew, surrounded by sadness, unanswered questions, mourning, guilt, and despair. I sat there dumbfounded trying to piece it all together, but nothing made sense. Tears rolled down my checks and I felt pain and such compassion for my friend. She sat towards the front, looking strong but... Read more »

Spreading Kindness Like Confetti

With my line of work, I often see aggression, bullying, pain, anger, fighting, and  LOTS of attitude. Sometimes it takes a toll on me. All that negativity can bring me down. It can weigh on me and take the best part of me. I am innately kind and compassionate. I hate conflict and aggression, so... Read more »

Gun Violence: Life without my Brother

Today is a day I will always remember; a day with unanswered questions, and missed opportunities. On January 12th, 2011, gun violence took the life of my little brother. On this somber day, I grieve the life of a young man, a life that will never be forgotten, a life that was taken too soon. It seems... Read more »

Sharing Gratitude This Thanksgiving Season

As Thanksgiving is less then 12 hours away, I ponder on what was accomplished and what I am grateful for this season. I am blessed and lucky to do the work that I do. There are often no words to reflect on how I feel. I deliver assemblies, I run speaking engagements, I meet incredible... Read more »

An Open Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump, I am writing to you to tell you that at Bulldog Solution, we believe that you can be an exemplary leader. We won’t lie, we were all nervous and a little unsettled watching the elections. We didn’t see this coming, but we have hope. We believe that you can be a kind,... Read more »

Tips to Overcome Bullying and Cyberbullying

With Bullying Prevention Month this October, we want to set you up with strategies to help your school. These tips will help reduce the drama and create a bully free school. Bulldog Solution’s mission is to eradicate bullying though social boldness, kindness, and connection. We strive on giving resources to help educators. Below are the... Read more »

A Dedication to My Late Brother: Losing a Loved One to Gun Violence

Dear Jay, Oh my little brother, I do miss you. Every day, I think of you and how your life would have been so different. You would have been 28 today, and that is something this world will miss. I still don’t understand why you were taken from us. In one moment, a gun took... Read more »