New IL Law is Taking a Heavy Stance on Cyberbullying

With the changes to Illinois’  Law HB4207 , there is a lot of buzz surrounding cyberbullying and what schools can and can’t do. I find that we are losing the focus as to why these laws are set in place. They are here to protect our children from harassment and wrongdoing. The law does not state that... Read more »

Schools Allowed to Access Students' Social Media Passwords

Today, Fox News 32  and many different news stations briefed the public about a new Illinois Law. The law will help schools get a grasp on cyberbullying and cyberdrama. I am THRILLED about this new law. However, reading over the comments and opinions, I was in disbelief of the lack of education about social media... Read more »

A Gun Shot Took the Life of My Brother: How I Dedicate My Work to End Bullying & Violence!

Every January 12th, my heart sinks, the day is a little gloomier, and my soul aches. January 12th is the day gun shots went off on a cold winter night. Those shots were directed towards my beloved brother, Jason Peagram. His life was taken by violence. We still don’t have answers, we don’t have closure,... Read more »

My Favorite Childhood Memory to Share with My Daughter

Dear H, When I was young, your grandpa traveled a lot. He worked really hard and often spent endless hours in his office. On many occasions, grandpa would retire his work early and venture up to his bedroom. His master bedroom was a large open space. In one section, he had a Lazy Boy recliner... Read more »

Strategies to Overcome Cyberdrama and Cyberbullying

Over the past few weeks, Bulldog Solution has been working a lot with schools on educating teachers and parents about cyberbullying and cyberdrama. It is hard to cram all our knowledge into a few hours of programing. So, I came up with some quick strategies that you can share with your kids or students. Often,... Read more »

New Holidays to Add to Our Calendar

As the holiday season approaches, a thought came me to introduce some new holidays that might not be on our calendar! Here is a list of holidays that would brighten our day and make us more human, more connected, and all a bit happier. Husband Redo Holiday: Once a year, our lovely husbands would have... Read more »

Letter to My Daughter, "H": Halloween Costumes Are No Longer Rated "PG"

“In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total sl*t and no other girls can say anything about it.” -Cady, Mean Girls (2004) Dear “H”, Today is Halloween and in 12 years or so I will be absolutely dreading this holiday. It will be one of those... Read more »

Prepping for Halloween: A Parents' Checklist for Teens

As we wind down from our Bullying Prevention Month series, I want to start to address the upcoming holiday…HALLOWEEN! It is a time to dress up, be spooked, and eat too much candy. This is a perfect time to enhance conversations with your teen, find out about their plans, and also lay down the rules... Read more »

Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

For the month of October, we are posting tips, resources, and interviews to support the National Bullying Prevention Month. The work we do is more than anti-bullying; we address the behaviors that often lead to bullying. Many organizations, schools, and individuals have geared up for supplying the public with resources and tools to prevent bullying behavior. There... Read more »

Finding Myself Through Cosplay: Calvin Davis on Overcoming Drama and Bullying

For the month of October, I wanted to feature exceptional teens, kids, and adults that overcame drama or bullying to be featured on our blog for October’s Bully Prevention Month. We want to feature these individuals for their bravery and power. It is through the sharing of our stories that starts the first step to... Read more »