Facebook comments gone as Bullsville welcomes back ChicagoNow comments

Facebook comments gone as Bullsville welcomes back ChicagoNow comments

Back when ChicagoNow offered all of its writers the option of sticking with the ChicagoNow comment system or adding Facebook comments, I made the decision to switch over to Facebook comments.

I can't say my readers really had a preference one way or the other, if I recall correctly it was about 50/50 when I asked at the time which system you preferred. It didn't really matter to me personally, as I have a Facebook account and a ChicagoNow account, and I just figured that most f0lks nowadays have a Facebook account.

The ChicagoNow comment format is very good, but to make a comment the reader has to register and create a ChicagoNow user account. That's easy enough to do, but since it only allows you to comment on ChicagoNow blogs, I wound up going with Facebook.

Facebook comment system didn't suck

Facebook hasn't sucked or anything, and I don't remember getting any complaints from any of my readers, but there is one small glitch that I (and several of my fellow ChicagoNow writers) noticed. It's nothing the reader would notice, but the Facebook system isn't 100% reliable in notifying us when a comment is made on one of our articles.

No biggie, I check the actual site often enough that I don't think I ever missed any comments.

But somehow, that changed.chicago now logo

Over the past few weeks, on more than two or three occasions I received an email saying that someone had left a comment on an article, but when I went to reply, there was no new comment there.

At first, I just figured the commenter had deleted his/her comment. But after it kept happening, just for the heck of it I checked what is called the "moderator view" in the comments - and lo and behold, there have been several comments that were never posted.

I don't moderate the Facebook comments, never did, never will. I never changed the settings on the blog to make my readers wait for moderation before their comment went live. But I wound up missing several comments, and not just from one reader. From more than a few readers, actually.

If you're happy to see Bullsville go back to ChicagoNow comments, you can thank a reader who goes by "BigWay". I know many of my readers also read the outstanding Doug Thonus blog "Chicago Bulls Confidential", which is where BigWay can usually be found making some outstanding comments.

There were several of his comments that he made here that never appeared, and that I never replied to because I never saw them. So that was the last straw - I said "bleep you, Facebook", and I have already made the switch back to the ChicagoNow commenting system.

I saved BigWay's comments, so now when you see a separate article dedicated to replying to one reader's comments, you'll know why. I may not get around to it until tomorrow, as I still have to write the recap to the Bulls' disgusting loss to Boston tonight.

So if you want to leave a comment here from now on, you'll need to register as a ChicagoNow user. It's easy, quick and painless, and your comment won't get caught in moderation limbo.

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