Twitter troll - I got my first today!!

Twitter troll - I got my first today!!

Twitter troll fever struck me today!! I didn't even know that people even bothered being a Twitter troll, really what's the use? Sending someone a private message where you insult them and their work is just so pathetic, I didn't think anyone would even bother.

That's right, my Twitter troll worked his magic in private messages... who the hell did he think he was impressing? Not me, that's for sure. But he did give me material for a free, without-having-to-think article that I'm sure all of you will enjoy.






I hope you all enjoy that "intelligent" conversation as much as I did. It's pretty sad when a person doesn't have the balls to comment in public... but then again, after reading his comments, I guess we can all see why he didn't want to comment in public.

I guess I can understand why Mr. or Mrs. KHit23 has been on Twitter since March of 2009 and has 12 followers...

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