Today's stupid Bulls fan comment

Today's stupid Bulls fan comment
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I hope you get as good a laugh out of this as I did- apparently, the Bulls suck outside of Derrick Rose.

This one comes compliments of the comment section of my fellow ChicagoNow Bulls blog, Chicago Bulls Confidential. And no, Doug Thonus didn't make this remark, he's way too smart to say something this stupid.

Really, besides Rose, everybody on this team is a role player and more or less a pedestrian NBA player. Just a bunch of non descript guys, who you could replace with a bunch of other non descript guys and not really change the results all that much.

Really? "Nondescript guys and role players"?

Luol Deng has been an All-Star the last two seasons, and in 2011-12 he was 2nd Team All-Defense. The NBA doesn't name a 3rd-Team All-Defense, but if they did Deng would have been there in 2010-11 and 2012-13 as well.

Joakim Noah was an All-Star last season. He was 2nd-Team All-Defense in 2010-11 and 1st Team last season. He would have been 3rd Team in 2011-12.

Noah had two triple-doubles last season, joining Pau Gasol as the only "centers" in the league who had triple-doubles (and Gasol mostly played PF last season with Dwight Howard at center).

You know who had more triple-doubles than Noah last season? Rajon Rondo, LeFlop James, Paul Pierce and Kevin Durant. 3 first-ballot Hall of Famers and a guy who has made 4 straight All-Star games and was All-NBA the last season he was healthy (2011-12).

Carlos Boozer is one of the best defensive rebounders in NBA history, ranking 4th all-time in Defensive Rebound percentage behind only Dennis Rodman, Dwight Howard and Marcus Camby. He was 7th in the NBA in DefReb% last season and he was only 16 total rebounds shy of averaging a double-double.

He was 5th in the NBA in double-doubles last season, and 10th in the NBA in rebounds per game.

The nondescript idiot who made the disparaging comments about the Bulls should be forced to become a fan of a .500 team for a year, then he could see what nondescript guys and role players REALLY look like.

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