Stupid, idiot, moron Bulls fans, and Bulls vs Cavs tonight

Stupid, idiot, moron Bulls fans, and Bulls vs Cavs tonight
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I want to start this off with a really, really stupid comment made by a Bulls fan.

This is courtesy of the message boards- formerly the no-doubt best Bulls board on the internet, but over the last few years taken over by idiots who don't understand basketball and who can't get simple facts straight.

The vast majority of the intelligent posters that made it such a great board are gone, and there are now moderators in charge who are just plain fucking stupid.

Let's start with this one, from a moderator named Rerisen. He was discussing the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals vs the Heat:

and Omer Asik, who we were closing games with


Game 1- Asik technically "closed" the game- but in reality, he came into the game with 2:14 left and the Bulls up by 19. That's not "closing a game", that's called "getting a few minutes in garbage time".

Game 2- Asik did not leave the bench in the last 4 minutes of the game.

Game 3- Asik didn't leave the bench in the entire 4th quarter.

Game 4- Asik didn't leave the bench in the 4th quarter or overtime. He only played 1:53 the entire game.

Game 5- Asik didn't play at all.

So if you're looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend the Bulls board. Obviously you can't take it seriously, not when moderators just blatantly make stuff up to try and back their point.

If the moderators are this stupid, how ignorant do you think the majority of the posters are?

Let me know what you think, I'm considering making this a regular feature. Trust me when I tell you that I could write something every day just by quoting this one moron, based on stupid shit like you just read.

So tonight, the Cavs invade the United Center. They come into the night with a 3-4 record, and this is a game the Bulls should definitely win.

That being said, I'm almost hoping they lose- I just love laughing at the imbeciles who are declaring the season over after 5 games, and another meaningless loss in the 6th game of the season can do nothing to hurt the team. It can only give me more material to laugh at.

If you've noticed, a lot of Bulls fans believe that "the regular season wins don't mean a damn thing, it's the playoffs that count". I agree, but then it's a lot of these same whiners who are crying and bitching because the Bulls are 2-3.

Either the regular season matters, or it doesn't. Of course, you have to factor in the ego of these boys, they are pissed off that the Bulls don't follow their ridiculous advice but continue to win anyway. I'm not alone in believing that they would rather see the Bulls lose by ignoring their advice so that they can go all over the internet and say "see, I was right".


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