Bulls now 3-0 in 2013-14 NBA preseason

Bulls now 3-0 in 2013-14 NBA preseason
Bobak Ha'Eri

First let me apologize for not having a Game Blog Live for Saturday's game against the Wizards. My internet was out much of the day, until a couple of hours after the game ended.

But it wasn't much of a game anyway, Noah sat again and Rose unexpectedly sat out with a little "knee soreness". A lot of Bulls fans made a big deal out of it, but it's nothing, Rose only needs 4 or 5 preseason games anyway.

I'd much rather see Marquis Teague out there in the preseason, give him the minutes and hopefully the confidence to fill in for Hinrich as backup PG if Hinrich misses any games with injuries (odds are overwhelming that he'll miss at least 1 game, and they're high against him playing 70 games).

If nothing else, it's funny to read all the stupid comments from Bulls fans about how the team should just trade Teague now, he sucks. Of course, most of these folks are the same people who are always bitching that the Bulls never take chances on players, never draft any projects, and that the Bulls' front office sucks, no matter what.

Teague is a project, he was drafted as one, and is being brought along as one. I will be completely shocked if his 3rd-year option isn't picked up by the Bulls (they have until the end of October to do so). The majority of projects still suck in the preseason of their 2nd year. It's why they were considered projects, people knew it would take at the very least two- and more likely three or four- years for the guy to be a solid NBA contributor.

Preseason stats thru 3 games

Stats aren't real important when it comes to preseason games, but it's fun to look at a few anyway:

Taj Gibson leads the Bulls in minutes (30/game), points (17.0/game), rebounds (8.7 game), blocks (2.67/game), and FG% (70%).

For all the crap so many idiots give Teague, he's shooting 55.7% from the field and 50% from behind the arc, both good for 2nd on the team (Hinrich leads on 3's with 60%). In 37 minutes, he has 11 pts, 4ast and a steal, only the 6 TO were a problem.

Hinrich is averaging 16.1 points/36 min, with a .616 True Shooting %, and 60% from behind the arc. He's even grabbing 7.6 rebounds/36 minutes.

Dunleavy, Snell and Murphy have all done some things right, but their shots aren't falling right now. All 3 of these guys will look a lot better once they get a little confidence in their shots.

Game Blog Live

I'll be back here Wednesday evening when the Bulls host the Pistons in Rose's first game in the United Center since the surgery. I saw tickets in the Lower Bowl for under $100, which is pretty cheap even for a preseason game.

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