Chicago Bulls fans, forget Aldridge, forget Love, forget Gasol, KEEP DENG!! Part 2

Chicago Bulls fans, forget Aldridge, forget Love, forget Gasol, KEEP DENG!! Part 2
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You Might As Well Read Part 1 First

(The picture has nothing to do with the article, I just think Chevy Chase is funny as hell)

OK, first let me apologize for making this a 2-part article. I didn't plan it that way, I had no effing clue it would turn out that way... but it did.

You can all thank some moron named Erildas Budraitis. I've never heard of him, either- but they posted a link to something he wrote on in July.

Anyway, this genius mentioned the "50/40/90" club, understandably enough since Kevin Durant joined the group last season.

(He shot 50+% on FG, 40+% on 3's, and 90+% on FT, as if an NBA fan should be have to told what it means.)

Anyway, this Mr. Budraitis mentioned the All-Time NBA 50/40/90 Club (and yes, it deserves all caps since it's pretty rare):

Steve Nash, Larry Bird, Mark Price, Reggie Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant.

Yeah, those guys can all shoot like MFers. No doubt. And please forgive me for pointing out that it's four white dudes, and two brothers who happen to play (or have played) in the two whitest-bred NBA states in the league. (No offense, but it's true) Just a coincidence, I'm sure, but it is kinda funny if you think about it. There's nothing else to do in OKC or Indy except to practice shooting. It's not like "Naptown" didn't fit Indianapolis perfectly back before the Colts got Peyton Manning.

Anyway, in Europe (and everywhere in the FIBA world) shooting stats aren't listed as Overall FG%, 3pt%, and FT%. It's 2pt FG%, 3pt%, and FT%. But Mr Budraitis somehow couldn't combine 2pt and 3pt shots into "Overall FG%, 3pt% and FT%". Even for the big total of SEVEN players who have done it in Euroleague.

He just lowers the threshold to "50% on 2's" instead of doing a little bit of simple math.

Was it a REAL 50/40/90 season or not? He never tells.

So I took 5-10 minutes (which included all 7 players' stats and doing the math) and fixed his article. It was complicated math as well, shit like figuring out that in 2009-10, Trajan Langdan made 51/94 2's and 47/100 3's. So to figure out if he shot over 50% from the field overall, I had to add 94 + 100 and figure out if he made more than half that many shots overall.

Yeah, pretty complicated, right. If you're less adept at math than my 9-year-old, then yeah.

Anyway, Sarunas Jasikevicius 1st one doesn't count. And really, WTF? He made 48/94 2's (51.1%) and 47/105 (44.8%) on 3's. So overall, he took 199 shots. If you can't figure out >/< than 50% of that one, I don't know how you can turn on a computer???

But at least the 2nd time, he really didn't do it, either. 50/92 is 54.3% on 2's, and 29/71 is 40.8% on 3's, but combined it's only 45.7% overall from the field.

Sergei Chikalkin doesn't count, either. 49/95 on 2's and 33/74 on 3's seems like 169 shots, 1/2 of 170 is 85, I think maybe he didn't hit 50% overall??

Marcus Faison? He hit 39/73 2's and 33/73 3's, but I'm thinking he might have needed to hit something like, I don't know, 73 overallFG to be at 50%. Not quite.

Marcus Brown? 39/68 on 2's (57.4%), 51/122 on 3's, but 190/2 = 95, he only made 90 shots. Nope.

Arvydas Macijauskas? Close, 66/117 is 56.4% on 2's, and 51/127 is over 40%, 117/244 isn't 50% overall from the field (122 FGM would have done it, 5 more makes).

Trajan Langdon.... they say he did it twice, but 2006-07's 57/104 (54.8 on 2's) and 58/138 (42.0% on 3's) is only 47.5% overall.....

..... but in 2009-10, Trajan Langdon- not the biggest name ever to cross the Atlantic from West to East- put up the only ACTUAL Euroleague 50/40/90 season. Finally.

51/94 on 2's 54.3%  47/100 on 3's 47.0% 73/80 FT 91.3% Overall FG% 98/194, 50.5%

He made 50% by two makes. 96 wouldn't have done it. But very nice work, a historic season.

Nikola Mirotic was the other name on that list.

In the 2011-12 Euroleague with Real Madrid, he put up:

45-79 on 2's (57.0%) 18-41 on 3's (43.9%) 56-61 on FT (91.8%)

That's 63/120, 52.5% on overall FG%, the 2nd actual 50/40/90 season in Euroleague history.

Pretty good for a 21-year-old Rising Star, even if the name "Trajan Langdan" kind of cheapens it a little. But not much, it's still pretty damned good.

If you think the Bulls aren't expecting HUGE things out of him, well you're an idiot. Sorry. But I see nothing to suggest that the Bulls aren't expecting major things out of Mirotic, for good reason. He's really, really good.

He'll surely struggle some as a rookie, but if he isn't really, really good in the NBA, the Bulls will be kind of screwed.

Except they still have the pick coming from Michael Jordan (for Tyrus Thomas, no less), as if they almost have a "do-over" if Mirotic doesn't work out. The Bobcats/Hornets just have to suck for three more seasons and they'll have a shot at the #1 overall pick in 2016.

Just Google "Grizz trade future 1st for Otis Thorpe" and "Dumars Lucks Into 2nd Overall Pick with Great Team, Wastes it on Darko with Anthony, Wade, Bosh, hell even Hinrich on the board". And factor in the chances that a team run by MJ will stop trading Future 1st-rounders for the right to give Tyrus Thomas a 4-year contract, and that pick could be Solid Gold.

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