The Bulls, PER, and the idiots who live by it...... Part 2

The Bulls, PER, and the idiots who live by it...... Part 2
Underwood & Underwood, US Library of Congress

OK, so where was I in Part One? Oh yeah, PER under 20. And yes, it does actually tie in to the Bulls, it's not a phony Chicago Bulls headline to draw in Bulls fans. If you're a Bulls fan and you don't already read Bullsville, I figure it's your loss. But I digress.

PER says 15.0 is an "average" player. 20.65 is the #50 PER of all time. From #50 (Paul Pierce) to #1 (MJ, of course) is a difference of 7.26 PER. From an "average" player to the 51st best player in NBA history is a PER difference of 5.64.....

If you didn't catch that, PER would have to believe that Karl Malone was a better player than Larry Bird. Oh hell, that Dirk and Barkley were better than Larry Bird. That 19 dudes were better than The Big O.

The Big O averaged a triple-double for a season. Yeah, that stands alone, as it will never be done again, not even close.

Forget about 32/8/8, and 35/5/5/3 as well. Yeah, those were MJ.

If LeBron were to average 25.7 pts, 9.5 assists and 7.5 rebounds this season, there are certainly people would call it the greatest season ever. But that's the Big O's CAREER averages.

Wilt?? PER has Wilt as the #5 player all-time.

A statistic that is supposed to capture all-around OFFENSE??? If Wilt isn't #1 STATISTICALLY, you need to come up with a new stat.

I'm a Bulls fan, at least I'm allowed to say that MAYBE Wilt isn't the best player ever. Only because MJ at least makes it kind of close. His career scoring average is 1/20th of a point higher than Wilt's. The only problem is, MJs Highest scoring season ever was 37.1 points per game, pretty awesome.

Wilt averaged 37.6 points during HIS ROOKIE SEASON.... how crazy is that?

Just to be safe, let me re-iterate...

MJ's best season was 37.1 a game, Wilt averaged 37.6 AS A ROOKIE. Need I say more??

Oh, that 37.1 is the highest season average in NBA history that doesn't belong to Wilt.

Yes, MJ's highest scoring season EVER in the NBA- was a little under Wilt's ROOKIE season. I know, that's insane.

The top-4 highest scoring seasons ever belong to Wilt.

Wilt went for 38/27 over his first two seasons. YES, those are season averages. Wilt was Superman.

His 3rd season was 50/25. Yes, let that sink in for a minute. I know, it can't possibly sink in.

After a while, Wilt got tired of scoring all the time, and people saying that all he could do was score. So just for the hell of it, he went out and led the league in assists.

Wilt didn't win many championships? Only 2. But the individual numbers he put up?

Oh, crap. I"ve hit my word limit, and all I've shown you is how any statistic that measures all-around offense that doesn't have Wilt at #1 - #5, then MJ.... it probably sucks. This is my opinion, and stats aren't everything, but when the stats are THAT shocking and overwhelming....

So I guess you'll all just have to stick around for Part 3 tomorrow to find out how this concerns the Bulls. Sorry....

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