Hey Kobe: Forget the Dream Team, 2012 Team USA couldn't beat the 1996 Bulls

Hey Kobe: Forget the Dream Team, 2012 Team USA couldn't beat the 1996 Bulls
Photo by Steve Lipofsky

Forget about the Dream Team Kobe, your current squad couldn't beat the greatest TEAM ever, the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

First of all, the '96 Bulls' offensive team was unstoppable- with three-point shooting from Kerr (52%), Jordan (43%), Kukoc (40%) and Pippen (37%) with Rodman to chase down the misses?

The two greatest point forwards of all time with the greatest finisher of all time, a big man that no big man could run with, and the greatest three-point shooter ever trailing? (OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch)

And while Kukoc and Kerr certainly weren't know for their defense, MJ, Pip and Rodman were probably each the greatest defender ever at their position.

Jordan vs Kobe? I won't even insult MJ by discussing this.

Pippen vs LeBron? Give me Pippen if I have MJ to do my scoring.

Kukoc vs Carmelo? Melo is the better scorer, but the Waiter was one of the greatest international players ever, his game was perfect for the international rules.

Kerr vs Paul? Obviously CP3 is the better PG, but Kerr would shoot 60% from the closer 3-point line.

Rodman vs Chandler? As a disclaimer I must note that I love Tyson Chandler. One of his biggest fans. My youngest son is named Tyson, and the only Bulls' jersey I own is a Chanldler. My oldest son met Tyson and got his autograph when TC and Eddy Curry came up into the stands before a Bulls game in ATL.

But the Worm would make Tyson his bitch all day long, twice on Sundays. End of story.

Good luck in the Olympics Kobe, we all hope you bring home the Gold.


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    This is a clown article, Bro.

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    who ever wrote this should be taking out back and shot. Your talking about Kobe, Lebron, Durant and CP3 couldn't beat the 96 bulls. This reporter doesn't know any facts, find another job seems like your reporting your kids team playing the bulls team and not the new USA 2012 team.

  • I'll guarantee you that the 96 Bulls could beat Nene, Splitter and Barbosa by more than 11 points.

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