Bulls at Sixers, Game 4 Recap: Officials rob Bulls, will Stern comment? Thibodeau needs to really complain, Phil-style

Bulls at Sixers, Game 4 Recap: Officials rob Bulls, will Stern comment? Thibodeau needs to really complain, Phil-style
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Three game officials made two of the worst calls in playoff history late in Game 4 Sunday, not officially costing the Chicago Bulls a victory but certainly derailing what was a great comeback.

As a high school official myself, I am not one to usually criticize officiating, I know how hard their job is. But what happened to the Bulls today was inexcusable.

First, with the Bulls down by two with just over a minute to play, they run a beautiful play that gets Boozer a layup at the front of the rim. Should be a tie game.

But the game officials allowed Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes to mug Boozer, stopping him from scoring. But the worst was yet to come.

The Bulls go on to play great defense on the Sixers' next possession, and Jrue Holiday forces an off-balance shot. Despite clearly not being touched- and in complete contrast to the let-em-play that just happened to Boozer- the officials disgustingly call a foul.

Holiday hits em both, and the game is basically over.

But to add insult to injury, they call a foul on Asik vs a fading-away, forcing-the-shot Iguodala with 30 seconds left. TWO SECONDS on the shot clock. And no contact from Asik.

These were, back to back to back, the three worst calls I have ever seen in NBA playoff history. Pathetic and disgusting, no excuse whatsoever.

I'm not excusing the Bulls, they played horribly most of the day. CJ Watson didn't show up until the 4th quarter. Boozer had big numbers, but far too many turnovers. Gibson played well early, but didn't do much late.

But it's bad enough that you're watching a game where the Sixers have taken 23 FTA to the Bulls 7 early in the 4th quarter. Despite Philly shooting many more three's.

Without Noah and Rose, the Bulls are not good enough to beat the Sixers and three officials, but that's what they were expected to do Sunday afternoon.

I only hope Thibs comes out and defends and takes a fine for his team, they earned it this afternoon. I hope he draws the wrath of Stern with his comments, he needs to.

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  • When coaches and players complain about the refs and their bias, David Stern says the complainers 'are disrespecting the game"!

    Actually, it is Stern, the refs, and the NBA front office who are disrespecting the game by allowing this garbage.

    And they are disrespecting the fans by giving us trashy referees. If we quit watching until they fix it, it will get fixed real fast!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    It was at least nice to see that Boozer, Korver and Gibson said something about it, just from reading Sam Smith's blog. Of course Thibs didn't, though, which sucked.

  • fb_avatar

    I agree 100% with Mr. Ellis.

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