Derrick Rose Speaks to the Media at NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando

Derrick Rose Speaks to the Media at NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando
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Courtesy NBA Media Central

(Asked about beating the Heat).

DERRICK ROSE: To beat them is definitely tough, a tough task, especially to beat them through a whole series, but you have to almost play a complete game where they're very hard to go against defensively. Offensively you already know they're great. But you've just got to have confidence. Your team has definitely got to have confidence when you go there and play them.

Q. How do you approach the game differently than last year? How is your approach different?

DERRICK ROSE: This year with the guys, Asik and Luol and some of the guys that we have on the team, Booze, last year I think I forced some shots up that I think I didn't have to take. This year just looking at them, I'm just going to try to eliminate all the bad shots from last year, go out there and play smarter, I guess, and take the shot shots.

Q. When you were sitting out those games, anything you noticed watching these guys play? It must have been tough for you to sit on the bench.

DERRICK ROSE: Yeah, you have to start off good. I think that we're a team where if you start off sluggish, that's the way we're going to play throughout the whole game, probably until like the fourth quarter. But when we tend to start off the game pretty good, that's the way that we're going to play throughout the whole game. Going out there and being aggressive in the first quarter, I think that's how I'm leading my team to win, just letting them know that I'm out there playing hard and just try and follow my lead.

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Courtesy NBA Media Central

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