Bulls vs Nets Game Recap: Bulls Suck

Bulls vs Nets Game Recap: Bulls Suck

Let's just say if there was one game this season that I'm glad I didn't watch, this was it.

How do the Bulls- even without Derrick Rose- fall behind 22-3 to a bad New Jersey team that had lost eight in a row coming in? Seriously, that was perhaps the worst display of basketball I have seen in a long time.

There is no picture with this article because not one Bull was worthy, plain and simple.

I watched the game on tape because I was at the Murray State/St Mary's BracketBuster game, and I'm not sure the Bulls would have beaten the Racers the way they played tonight. Certainly the first quarter Bulls couldn't beat a good mid-major team.

I don't know which was worse, their defense or their offense. Allowing the Nets to shoot 66.7% from the field and 5/8 from behind the arc in the first quarter was bad- but shooting 31.8% and 5/11 from the free throw line might have been worse.

This game was on WGN America, so everyone got to see this sorry display of "basketball". I guess everything is going wrong when Kris Humphries and Marshon Brooks combine to shoot 9/9 in the opening 12 minutes.

The Nets shot 31.3% after the first quarter, and the Bulls actually got the lead down to 7- and had the ball- with under two minutes left in the first half. But Watson missed two 3's and Korver missed one in the final 90 seconds, and the Nets were back up by 14 at halftime.

The Bulls were 5/16 with 8 turnovers in the third quarter- they held Jersey to 14 points and still got outscored. It was disgusting to watch.

You just have to assume this was one of those nights when nothing at all went right for anyone on the roster. I guess you can excuse Mike James, who had a nice-looking stat line of 16 points and 7 assists. But since most of that came in garbage time, you can't even be impressed by that.

CJ Watson was horrible once again, in face if Derrick misses another game Thibs has to seriously consider starting James in his place.

I'm not giving any more stats, most of the Bulls flat-out sucked, and any good numbers were a product of extended garbage time, not a sign that anyone played well.

I'm still unable to get logged into NBA Media Central, so I can't post the box score, but here's a link to it.


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  • You must have been like Stacey King and had a flat tire and came in about :45 left in the first.

    The Bulls were, too. Actually, the result is pretty easy to explain. NJ started out stealing the ball, and Chris Kardashian Humphries and Deron Williams were hitting like crazy, especially Williams with 3s. At about 12 to 3, I thought it was over, and by 21 to 3, it was. Also, the Bulls couldn't sink a free throw.

    Now, why the Bulls came up so flat, and had no D against the Nets is beyond me.

  • yea, very poor, and I think most of us would agree the defense was worse, I've come to accept poor shooting games when Rose and Rip are out, but not this kind of defensive effort. Watson is the most disappointing lately, we were praising him and it looked like he could start for 10 other teams in the NBA, but his play in the past 3 or 4 games has been brutal, especially on the defensive end...and what happened to the Asik we saw at the end of last year and beginning of this year? His value is dropping quickly, but I still think he will get it back...team free throws were inexcusable, just frustrating. I hope this doesn't cause Rose to come back to early...this is proof Rose is the indisputable MVP of the league, even Deng doesn't look like himself without Rose...ok, forget this game and move on, we all good....

  • jack- yeah that first quarter was definitely a perfect storm, I think the Bulls just got so far behind that coming all the way back was not going to happen.

    Keep- I'm not too worried about Asik, when he gets minutes he produces (usually). Noah has been playing so well that Omer hasn't been needed, and there aren't a lot of teams with great big men to Omer to go up against.

    Besides, the less he plays and the less he produces, the Bulls can resign him for less this summer maybe?

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