Bulls vs Celtics Game Preview, 2/16/2012, Plus a Little on the Kings Game

Bulls vs Celtics Game Preview, 2/16/2012, Plus a Little on the Kings Game
Photo by Keith Allison

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of articles the past two days. I was in northwest Indiana taking care of a personal matter (OK, my divorce), and I haven't been able to post. But I got back home last night, I'm only a judge's signature away from being a single man, and things couldn't be better.

The Bulls get a shot at revenge tonight when they host the Celtics in a nationally televised game (7 PM CT, TNT). Derrick Rose is expected to miss his fourth straight game, but the Bulls should be able to win this one without him.

Just to touch on the Kings game briefly- I had to catch the game on the radio, and I was able to catch the highlights and some of the post-game comments on CSN Chicago and NBA TV, but a few things caught my attention:

Luol Deng was a monster, only missing his first career triple-double by three rebounds. But a career-high 11 assists is pretty awesome, it just shows once again why Lu is the Bulls second-best player and finally an All-Star. The Kings don't play a lot of defense, but still for a guy who has a reputation of not being able to create his own offense, 11 assists is pretty remarkable.

John Lucas III was outstanding, as his career-high 9 assists were also pretty impressive. Yes, you have to consider the opponent, but not many guys are getting career-highs against a top-3 NBA defense, they usually come against the bottom feeders.

Joakim Noah is officially back- yes, he had some trouble guarding DeMarcus Cousins one-on-one, but Cousins is a beast when he's playing well. If he ever grows up mentally, he'll be better than Andrew Bynum.

I did write a game recap for WestKyStar.com, you can access it here.

There's not really much to preview for tonight's game- we just played the Celtics five days ago, in fact I'm not going to bother posting the game notes because they are basically identical to Sunday's.

The Bulls will still probably be without Derrick Rose, who is hopefully going to sit out until the All-Star Game just to make sure his back is as healthy as can be heading into the second half of the season and the playoffs.

The Bulls played horribly on offense and were thoroughly out-hustled by the Celtics on Sunday, and still almost had enough to win the game, even without Derrick.

They should be favored to win tonight's game as long as they bring even their "B" game- the Celtics looked horrible in a 98-88 loss at home to the lowly Pistons. KG missed the game with a sore hip, but even if he plays tonight there is no  excuse for the Bulls not to beat this aging Celtics squad.

NBA Media Central is having some kind of technical problems, I can't even get logged in right now. I have an email out and hopefully things will be fixed by tonight so I can post the box score, I'll also get the Bulls/Kings box score posted as soon as I can access it.

Thanks to everyone for your patience, things should be back to normal in Bullsville from here on out (well, as soon as NBA Media Central gets their problems fixed).


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  • no problem, glad to get my Bullsville fix back lol...hope C.J. comes to play tonight and takes last time personal, like D-Rose does...so on a random subject, in the beginning of the year there was this moron writer who wrote that the Pacers had the best chance to beat the Heat and how the Bulls weren't serious contenders...don't know where I saw it, but would like to know what that guy's name is! He may feel dumb now seeing the Pacers lose badly to the Heat in both games against them and how close the Bulls were without Rip to beating the Heat...

  • Thanks Keep, it's good to know someone missed me! lol

    Wow, I missed that comment, that is pretty hilarious... but what do you expect, all those years of living in Nap-Town have probably corroded his brain!

    I hope CJ doesn't come out and try to do TOO much tonight, sometimes it seems like he gets over-anxious and winds up taking bad shots or rushing shots or forcing shots. Hopefully if he's playing like crap again like he did on Sunday, Thibs will go to Lucas a little more often.

  • Keep - dude lives in Naptown - might as well be in Green Bay - brain dead. As it is said - they live among us, they vote and - they reproduce! WalMart and KMart (the store, not the playah) are proof!

    Don - I'd say I'm sorry - but, been there, done that ... 25 yrs, 7 pregnancies and 4 children ... so ...

    Who was that masked man wearing #5? "Dunks" with his left and misses a chance to do the same with his right!! Oh yeah - he hates his haters! MJ wears #8 - umm. Gotta lotta love tonight from Thibs.

    No real reason to play our MDP until the 29th, then Philly - umm - yuh huh! Statement game!

    My best Thursday - Bulls win, Hawks win, great new episode of "Person of Interest" on CBS - thank god for a 4-0 1st period.

    Keep the baby, Faith (you may be old enough Don!) Later, Keep!

  • Was that Boozer I saw diving for a loose ball tonight? I know it was so he could add a rebound to his stats, but still very nice!!

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