Deng, Boozer, Hamilton All Score 20+ in Win over Bobcats

Deng, Boozer, Hamilton All Score 20+ in Win over Bobcats

Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng and Rip Hamilton all scored over 20 points as the Bulls- down four players- still had plenty to beat the Bobcats Saturday night.

Rose missed his fourth straight game (sprained big toe), Noah (a late scratch) and Gibson both sat out with a sprained ankle, and JL3 missed the game with a groin strain.

It certainly didn't matter on this night, as the Bulls three most veteran regulars did most of the damage- with a little bit of help from Omer Asik, who made his first career start a memorable one.

Boozer- 23 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals
Deng- 22 points (9/18 FG, 3/5 on 3's), 8 rebounds, 4 assists
Hamilton- 20 points on 9/15 FG was his highest-scoring game as a Bull

Asik could not have possibly performed any better in his first NBA start, having a career night- he played 38:36 (which shattered his previous career-high of 31:27) and grabbed 15 rebounds (one off his previous career best). He added a career-high three steals, plus six points and two blocked shots.

Veteran journeyman Mike James- the 4th string PG who was playing in the D-League a week ago- came off the bench to contribute 9 points (4/6 FG, 1/1 3-pt) and a game-high 10 assists in only 16:31 on the floor.

James and starter CJ Watson (11 points, 9 assists and two steals) had more assists (19) than the entire Bobcat team (18).

Gerald Henderson (22 points), Byron Mullens (17) and Cory Higgins (10) were the only Charlotte players who scored in double figures. Mullens scored 10 of his points in the first quarter and wasn't much of a factor after that.

The game was actually close for the first half, in fact the Bobcats led 41-39 at the three minute mark. But CJ Watson's 3-pointer with 2:53 left started an 11-2 Bulls run to finish the half, and Charlotte never lead again.

The Bobcats tried to stay close, cutting the lead to 50-47 two minutes into the second half. But Boozer (15 points in the 3rd), Hamilton (10) and Deng (five) scored all 30 of the Bulls points in the third quarter to make sure the Bulls didn't let this one get away from them.

James then took over- he hit a 3, a finger roll and a runner in scoring the Bulls' first seven points of the 4th quarter to put the Bulls up 87-72, and Charlotte never threatened again.

The Bulls are now 15-3 on the year, which is shocking considering all the road games and all the injuries. It's starting to look like this team might just coast into late May, where an Eastern Conference Finals rematch with the Heat seems inevitable.

Their next game is Monday night when New Jersey comes to the UC for a 7:00 CT tip-off.

Check back later for the Bullsville Radio Post-Game Show, I'll have a full recap and all of the highlights from Chuck Swirsky and Bill Wennington.



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  • so good game for the Bulls (don't have to say much about the regulars), it's really nice to see players like Lucas and James having a positive effect on the outcome of games, seems like they deserve it, showing they were ready when called on. I know it was only a few games for JL3 and 1 for Mike James, but they were solid for the most part and looked confident the whole time. Hope they stay steady.
    Only thing that matters right now, like everyone knows, is getting healthy, and after reading Sam Smith, sounds like Deng sprained his wrist (seems like sprained can me anything), but doesn't sound like much. Do you know Don what happened and if it is nothing to worry about? By the way, I appreciate your radio postgames, as I am a fan of the radio guys but almost always hear the games on tv of course, it's something to look forward to the next day.

  • In reply to Keep:

    Sorry Keep, but all I've heard so far is that Deng sprained his wrist and x-rays were negative, so he's listed as day-to-day. But aren't we all day-to-day?

    I'm really happy to see JL3 and James play well- just to shut up a lot of fans on the internet. You read so much about how the Bulls should pick up (insert scrub's name here) because "JL3 sucks" or "Reinsdorf is cheap, that's why they got James from the D-League".

    The Bulls have the best record in the league- if you want to criticize the front office and/or ownership go right ahead, just have an intelligent take on the situation. I don't see why some people have to go looking for problems that don't exist.

    To be very clear, I'm talking about other blogs and message boards- I have been truly blessed so far in that I've picked up nothing but intelligent posters in the week and a half since I moved the blog to Chicago Now.

    At least up until now, everyone here has made well-thought-out and intelligent posts, even when they disagree with me and/or other posters. It has made for some outstanding conversation, I just hope I do a good job and keep the blog growing.

    I'm really glad you like the radio post-games, I figure since I work in radio it was something I could do that people would like and something that's not available anywhere else.

    I get the clips from every team in the league every night, the only thing that sucks is that they never post any clips from the Bulls' press conferences after games. A lot of the other teams at least put up some quotes from their coach after the game- that's why I had Byron Scott after the Cavs game.

    Usually Charlotte provides quotes from Silas, but there weren't any last night/early this morning. But I'll continue to post the other team's press conferences when they are there, and I guess we can hope the Bulls will start sending out some Thibs audio someday.

  • Maybe it was just me ... but I got very antsy early watching James - he looked like he was pounding the ball w/o getting into the offense. Nerves? He settled down nicely and showed a nice floater. 10A in limited min. was a huge plus.

    CJ picked up a foolish, late 3rd foul at the end of the half; played very smart the rest of the way. 20pts and 19A's from the two was remarkable.

    Troubling that, after a great start, Brew seems to have lost either his stroke or his confidence. Korver remains, for the most part, a head scratcher.

    Omer's 38 min came with 15 boards and only 2 PF - that was huge, given the lack of "bigs."

    Getting out-rebounded by that collection of misfits wasn't a positive; only turning the ball over 8 times, esp given who was playing PG (3 TOs), certainly helped in what was a good, if not smooth, win.

  • In reply to MoneyBoy:

    I could see what your saying with James, and you could tell the difference between him and Lucas. He was looking for the pass mostly in the beginning, then took the shots only when needed, but I don't mind Lucas' aggressiveness either...ur point about Asik was dead on, very big that he only had 2 fouls, usually gets more in less time the way, Booz did a great job of helping James feel comfortable with a nice 2 man game

  • I almost forgot, I hope everyone likes the box score at the bottom of the game recap- every other site I've ever seen you have to get the recap on one page and the box score on another. This way it's all on one page.

    I'm thinking I'll start putting the post-game audio in the game recap as well- what do you guys think? I'll keep doing a separate article for the previews I do with writers from our opponents- and now that I've got a system in place, I'm hoping to get some radio and/or TV people for the Game Preview Podcasts. Or at least one of the columnists from the local paper.

    I know radio and newspaper people in Orlando, and I know TV people in Atlanta, Cleveland and Washington, hopefully they'll come on some time before the season is over.

  • sounds good, yea putting everything on one page is a good idea.

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