Bobcats at Bulls, 7 PM CT

Bobcats at Bulls, 7 PM CT
Photo by Keith Allison

The Bulls will try for their third straight win tonight when former Bull Tyrus Thomas and MJ's Charlotte Bobcats visit the United Center.

Sorry there is no Bullsville Radio preview- I asked several Bobcats bloggers to do the podcast, but none of them were interested- then again, if my team sucked as much as the Bobcats, I probably wouldn't want to talk about them, either.

OK, that was a low blow- but the Bobcats are bad. Seriously bad. They are 3-12 on the season, and they really don't have much hope of getting better. They had two lottery picks last summer, but neither of them are having much success so far in the NBA.

Kemba Walker was the 9th overall pick, and he struggled from the outset, shooting under 39% from the field. But he has started the last three games and looked a little better, averaging 17.3 points, 5.0 assists and 2.67 steals- but he has needed 49 shots to score 52 points as a starter, and he is shooting less than 41% in those 3 games.

Bismack Biyombo has been even worse, but the #7 pick last summer was expected to be a project. In 12 minutes a night he's giving the Cats three points and three rebounds, but he is at least blocking 1 1/2 shots per game. He did have a career game vs Orlando on Tuesday, hitting all 5 shots for 11/10 with four blocks. He is unbelievably raw and mostly just a dunker at this point of his career.

DJ Augustin and Gerald Henderson lead Charlotte with 15 points per game, and Augustin is a 3-point threat when he gets hot, but even without Rose the Bulls' backcourt should win this matchup without much trouble.

Derrick is expected to continue resting his sprained big toe, while JL3 says he will play with his strained groin. Taj Gibson was in a walking boot last night, my guess is that he'll sit out as a precaution as there is no need to risk anything against a team that is right down there with the Pistons and Wizards as the worst in the league.

Look for Rip Hamilton to try getting into the low post on offense when he can, there is no way the 6'1" Walker can handle him down low. The same could be said for Deng, who will be going up against the 6'5" Henderson when the game starts.

Tyrus Thomas is currently starting for the Bobcats, but if anything he has regressed since the Bulls traded him to Charlotte. Boozer could have a big night if he hits his first jumper, as we all know Tyrus will be biting on ball fakes all night if that happens, leaving Boozer free to drive for easy shots at the rim.

I will have a Bullsville Radio Post-Game podcast after the game, but it may be posted a little later than usual as I am doing two shows tonight so I won't be off the air until 2 AM. At worst, you'll all be able to listen first thing Sunday morning.

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