Dwayne Wade Saga

It is time for Gar-Pax to get off their high horse and start making good decisions for the Chicago Bulls organization. Having Dwayne Wade still here in Chicago still makes absolutely no sense. It is time to admit Wade and his agent outsmarted the Chicago Bulls organization and move forward. Wade made it very clear that he has 24 million reasons to re-sign with Chicago and accept his player option. Other than the money Wade is making he has proven he does not want to be here in Chicago without Jimmy Butler.

There are 3 stories that really caught my eye this past week that really proves that Wade has already checked out of Chicago mentally. Wade has moved his kids back to South Florida right before school is about to begin. It is being rumored that Wade has not even spoken to the Bulls front office since the Jimmy Butler trade. Those close to Lebron are already talking and saying Lebron is confident that Wade will join him in Cleveland at some point this year when the buyout becomes official. I am fairly confident Dwayne Wade has spoken to Lebron numerous times since the Butler trade so there has to be some truth behind the talk.

The only logical reason I could see why Gar-Pax would keep Wade around is in a mentor type role to the young Bulls. Only problem is Wade has never expressed publicly that he is interested in being a mentor to these young Bulls. Dwayne Wade is a true professional so no matter how long he is stuck playing for the Chicago Bulls I do not see him being any kind of distraction. Now the Chicago media on the other hand will make this situation become a distraction if Wade does not get bought out soon.

Let’s be honest Wade even at age 35 still has the ability to put this team on his back occasionally if healthy. If healthy Wade may even help the Bulls win an additional 5-10 games this year. If the Bulls are in a true rebuild as much as it hurts to say we can not afford to win 5-10 additional games this season. The Bulls must lose as many games as possible if they want an opportunity to get the #1 pick in next year’s draft.

Gar-Pax stop being hard headed and do what is best for not only the Chicago Bulls organization, but for Dwayne Wade as well. Wade’s body is breaking down and he deserves one last opportunity to win a championship. The Chicago Bulls need to find out what they have and the only way to do this is by letting the young guys play. We need to find a new identity for this organization and begin evaluating the players we have here now. In order for the evaluation process to begin Wade can not be in the way and taking playing time away from these young players.

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