The Cristiano Felício Debate

I am still trying to make sense of the 4-year 32 million dollar contract John Paxson and Gar Forman rewarded Cristiano Felício with this off-season. The Chicago Bulls are in the beginning process of a rebuild and giving players multi-year contracts at this point of the rebuild could be very damaging in 2-3 years. If Felício turns out to be an all-star caliber talent then this move would be nothing short of genius. Felício is still very young at the age of 25 and with a great coaching staff around him he very well could blossom into something special.

My issue with this signing is that Felício has not even shown any real flashes of talent and our front office rewarded him with a nice pay check. On most NBA rosters Felício would be lucky to be on their active roster. Was there even another organization attempting to sign Felício? Felício played in 66 games last year and averaged 4.8ppg, 4.7rpg, and 0.6apg.

Felício played on a bad Chicago Bulls team last year and had plenty of opportunities to take the starting PF position and run with it. His conditioning was poor at times and he could not keep up with young athletic power forwards. Until Felício decides to change his diet, workouts, and off-season training programs I just do not see him becoming anything more than a back-up PF making 8 million per season.

I fully expect the Chicago Bulls to be very active in free agency in the next 2-3 years. My question is how many more large contracts are Forman and Paxson going to give out to average NBA talent? A real NBA front office would not hand out anything more than a 2 year contract to a free agent in year 1 of a rebuild.  Will this contract cause the Bulls to miss out on an elite free agent down the road because we do not enough open cap space to compete for their services?

This is just another head scratching move made by our incompetent front office. Just more proof that all the Reinsdorf family cares about is money and giving their buddies high paying salaries to work in their front office. At this point we can only wonder what the next crippling move Gar-Pax will make. Perhaps sign their franchise point guard Cameron Payne to a max contract?


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