Stan Van Gundy Raises Scary, Yet Legitimate Question About Rose's Future

Stan Van Gundy Raises Scary, Yet Legitimate Question About Rose's Future
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The outspoken and recently fired Orlando Magic coach went on AM 740 "The Game" in Orlando yesterday and raised a very scary thought into Chicago Bulls fans' minds.

Will Derrick Rose go "LeBron" on us and join forces with superstar players to win a championship like James did in 2010? Or when Carmelo Anthony left Denver for the Big Apple in 2011? Or when Dwight Howard owned, performed, and ran a 3 ring circus right in front of the Amway Center until he got traded to Los Angeles this summer?

Stan Van Gundy or whoever entertains the thought will get chided once the word "leave" sputters from one's mouth but you cannot deny stars ditching town to join other stars in the name of the Larry O'Brien trophy is a growing trend in today's NBA. Nowadays, quantity in rings determines in what makes a "legacy" instead of the journey however that's another topic for another day.

Sure, Derrick Rose answered, "unless they trade me or something" about a question on whether he wants to spend his entire career with the Bulls but remember Bulls fans, this is the same player who said, "I just wanna win." This summer, Bulls fans were hitting some of the right notes on voicing their displeasure with the decisions made in the Front Office however the thought of Rose possibly leaving Chicago never came across any Twitter feeds, forums, or newspaper articles. Well I guess until tonight...

Derrick Rose signed a maximum contract that would extend his days here in Chicago until the end of the 2017 season. With the way things look, Jerry Reinsdorf's reluctance to fully dive into the luxury tax, Carlos Boozer being amnestied, inflated contracts such as Luol Deng's expire, and Darko Milicic being NBA ready, Bulls front office is ready to go "all-in" in October 2014, with 3 full seasons left in Rose's deal.

Thing is, I hope that plan in going "all-in" has enough for Rose to stay past 2017 and beyond.

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  • Lifetime Bulls fan here, but if they can't/won't (spend the money to) put a winning team around Derrick, then I wouldn't blame him for leaving (assuming that the only way to win anymore is by way of the three-headed star system). I mean... This is Chicago: players should be falling over their giant shoes to play here and with Rose. If you can't convince them of that, then you're not doing your job.

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