Rose's All Access Coverage Relieves Bulls Fans' Angst

Rose's All Access Coverage Relieves Bulls Fans' Angst
"feels good to be back in the gym" - @drose (Twitter)

Derrick Rose is a fairly guarded individual.  He has been since he played High School basketball at Simeon. Rose's guarded nature evolved from a rather mediocre interviewee since his rookie year to an engaging, articulate individual who shows signs of being capable to become the face of the NBA. Most recently, Rose peeled another layer by joining arguably, the King of all Social Media forums, Twitter by posting a tweet congratulating Team USA on winning yet another Gold Medal in London. Days followed and adidas releases its own trailer documenting D-Rose and his journey to recovery simply called The Return of D Rose.

Sure, Rose becoming one of 175 million Twitter members could be thought of as a well thought out "marketing plan" by adidas to sway some customers their way since Nike has engulfed the 2012 London Olympics and the U.S. Men's Basketball team. Who can blame them? Nike and its subsidiary Jordan Brand, has 81% of the basketball shoe market in the palm of its hands while adidas only 5% (according to Darren Rovell).

While trolls and cynics could blast Rose for "selling out", Bulls fans across the Nation should not care one bit. Eat it up while you can because seeing Derrick Rose hanging out with his family at a local bowling alley is the only way fans can relieve its angst of seeing a Rose-less Bulls who may end up fighting for at best, a 4th seed in the East.

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