This GM Search Feels Like 2010 All Over Again

This GM Search Feels Like 2010 All Over Again
Dude... I Suck because I'm Jerry's Boy

Let's take a walk down memory lane...

It's January 2010 and Jay Cutler just finished an abomidable 1st year as the Chicago Bears signal caller prompting the immediate firing of then Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner. With an extremely talented franchise QB in Jay Cutler, an up and coming RB in Matt Forte and a chance to work in one of the most prestigious franchises of the NFL, it seemed to be an easy sell to find an Offensive Coordinator. By failing to interview Jeremy Bates and failing to land Ken Zampese or Rob Chudzinski, the Bears felt as if they were at a dance with no one dance with. So we were left with the scraps and his name was Mike Martz. We all know how that story ended...

Fast forward back to today. It's a different open position but we're having the same feeling all over again. During last week's press conference announcing the firing of former Bears GM Jerry Angelo, President and CEO of the Bears Ted Phillips claims this Bears General Manager position will remain as an ideal destination despite Lovie Smith, as Head Coach, as the only parameter of our next GM. I beg to differ as the only reason why we'll have no one to dance with (or at least with someone good looking) will be because of that one parameter, Lovie Smith.

When GMs assume the position with the team, they are given free reign with their coaching staff because they are an extension of the GM. The GM/Head Coach relationship is one of the most unique relationships that isn't discussed too often. Both the GMs and Head Coach heavily rely their successes or failures, and job security on each other. Therefore, how can we expect a respectable GM to come to Chicago and trust their job security and NFL future on Lovie Smith?

That's why Tim Ruskell's is going to be the most likely choice for the Bears as their next General Manager. If Phillips or George McCaskey have any sense left in them, they must hire Ruskell under a 1 year contract, basically tagging an "interim tag" on his title. Essentially, Ruskell and Smith's contracts are up in 2012 leaving the Bears the opportunity to completely clean house if 2012 is another failed season.

While Ruskell is who I believe will be the next Bears GM, it doesn't mean it's the right one. It must noted that none of Tim Ruskell's 1st round draft picks while he was in Seattle still play for the Seahawks. It's beyond me why we would fire a GM due to his poor drafts and then hire his successor as someone with the same bad rep. Folks, be prepared to be left with no one to dance with again...

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