Quick Hits: Bulls Outlast Detroit 92-68

Quick Hits: Bulls Outlast Detroit 92-68
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Hello all, back again from a nice weekend. Well the Bulls start the 1st game of their 1st back-to-back-to-back of the season, 1st game of 5 in 6 days. Just by looking at the number of games, it looks pretty tough but the Bulls were pretty lucky as Boston's the only .500 team at 4-4. Tonight, the Bulls got off on the right foot by outlasting the Pistons, 92-68. A 24 point lead and the opponent only scoring 68 points gives the casual reader an idea that the Bulls dominated. In my opinion, they didn't. It just shows Detroit is that bad of a team. Here are some quick hits from tonight's game and hot button issues in Bulls Nation:

  • Carlos Boozer with a Strong Performance - 9-13 from the FG, 8 rebounds and 23 points. It's a season high for Booze but I'm not going to start throwing a parade for this guy considering its opponent. I'm going to be very interested to see how he will match up versus the likes of Javale McGee (Was), Kevin Love (Min), Kevin Garnett (Bos), in the next 4 games.
  • Feeling Jaded About Ugly Basketball - Yes. The Bulls won by 22 points but the play wasn't pretty. Primarily, the Bulls' lack of offensive flow was difficult and frustrating to watch, especially during the 1st quarter when the Bulls jumped into a big lead and didn't build from there, and the 3rd quarter when Detroit cut the Bulls' lead to 5. Again, the lack of training camp, practices and a compressed season may attribute to this so it's better to go through this now than late April.
  •  My Concern of Joakim Noah's Play Is Growing by the Game - If you follow me on twitter @cqueve1, I made light of a play during tonight's game where Noah and Boozer fighting over the same rebound is a microcosm of their play together in the past 1.25 years. Jo's struggling out there and it's part trying to do much and playing out of character. But the biggest contribution to his lack of production is Carlos Boozer. Offensively, they seem they want to be on the same part of the floor. Defensively, Noah looks to be frustrated with Boozer's "o-lay" defense forcing Jo to rotate over for help. Jo's frustrated, I'm glad he is and I expect a "big effort game" to ignite his play this season.
  • Game Analysis for Brian "White Mamba" Scalabrine - With a little more than 2 and a half minutes of playing time, Brian Scalabrine was able to give what the people wanted by scoring from a fadeaway 4 feet from the baseline. In a very light moment after the game, you can see from Comcast's telecast that Tom Thibodeau pulled Scals aside to coach him up. My assumption was a couple plays before Scals passed an open shot to feed Jimmy Butler down low for a dunk; the type of play Thibodeau stresses to his team. But on this night, I could feel and sense Thibodeau telling Scals, "Just F what I said... Shoot the ball if you're open". Both of them had a good laugh as they walked towards the locker room.

As I am jaded over this ugly basketball the Bulls have been showing, I must say a win is a win. The Bulls got that tonight as they start a long stretch of games this week.A couple of things to look forward to are Ricky Rubio and the matchup between Carlos Boozer and Kevin Love. Ricky Rubio looks like he's the real deal but I wonder how he will play versus an MVP caliber point guard in Derrick Rose where Rose gives 100% effort defensively. Kevin Love's a smart, hard working player and he'll matchup with Carlos Boozer who doesn't consistently show he's a smart and hard working player. Don't be surprised to see Love out work Boozer tomorrow night.

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  • I think I'm most concerned with Rip's injury (we dont know how well they can play until we have him for a consistent basis) and the whole Noah/Boozer dynamic...I've heard other fans say they should play one of those two on the bench, I would say Noah on the bench could be a good idea, he may fit well with that group, especially with Taj...but I would be shocked to see Tibs change the lineup.
    There seems to be a lot of pessimism going on about our Bulls, people starting to question how good they are. To me, the only real test will be Miami on the 29th. If we look good that game, then I hope the negative criticism goes away...They gonna figure it out by playoffs, and we shouldn't be too concerned about an 8-2 team...

  • Hey Jonny. I don't wanna say it's pessimism but there's concerns that the Bulls aren't dominating the way they expect. Although I have some of these concerns, I still understand it's a condensed schedule with next to no practices/training camps.

    I think there's no way Boozer's gonna be coming off the bench ($$$) which leaves Noah as the only possibility. I'm not a Ron Jaworksi meaning I'm not going to look back at game tape but a huge part of Noah lack of success has been foul trouble. Starting tonight, I'm going to see what Jo's fouls will be based of. My initial guess is that Jo's helping too much on Booze's terrible defense. When that happens, fouls may occur.

  • yea thats a good point, Boozer's D hurting Noah with foul trouble...it would be so nice to see the Noah of the beginning of last year, remember how solid he was from the elbow with his shot? And all those great rebound games, yea we need that back

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