Quick Hits: Bulls Dominate and Crush Grizzlies in Home Opener 104-64

Quick Hits: Bulls Dominate and Crush Grizzlies in Home Opener 104-64
Omer Asik doing what Turkish people do best... Dominate

Very minimal analysis from tonight's ginormous win versus the Grizzlies on their home opener. Simply, the Bulls' defense and intensity just blew the Grizzlies out of the UC tonight. Thanks to the Bulls' stifling defense, the Grizz shot only 31% from the field. Here are some quick hits...

  • Zach Randolph Left in the 1st Quarter with a Knee Contusion - After an O.J. Mayo layup attempt, Randolph's knee got buckled with Mayo's landing. A knee contusion was reported from Comcast Sportsnet. Quite frankly, whether Randolph got hurt or not, the Bulls would have ran away with this one... Probably not as bad as a 40 point loss though.
  • Boozer with a Very Good Game - Randolph's injury may have played a role but 17 points and 11 rebounds in 24 minutes of play was a productive effort
  • Brewer is becoming Bulls' X-Factor - Ronnie Brewer continues to do the right things. Starting in place of Rip Hamilton after a late scratch with a sore groin, Brewer is displaying how much he's worked on his game during the off-season. With an increase in minutes tonight (35 minutes), Ronnie Brewer looks like he can play a significant role in the Bulls' playoff run this summer.
  • C.J. Watson Looks to be out with a Hyperextended Elbow - I'm not playing doctor on this one but with the way Watson's elbow bent, I assume this injury will be a hyperextended elbow. Hopefully Watson won't be out for long but if he's out for an extended period of time, I will be interested to see how Thibs will re-adjust the Bulls' lineup/rotation.
  • Bulls' Starting Lineup was Fantastic - If you're following me on Twitter (@cqueve1), I posted a tweet saying that I'm starting to keep a +/- stat on each lineup the Bulls put on the floor in an attempt to see which lineup is the most effective. Tonight's group of the night is the Bulls' Starting Lineup (Rose, Brewer, Noah, Boozer, and Deng) @ a +30 in 18 minutes and 37 seconds.
  • Scalabrine Has to Give What the People Want - Here's your Scals analysis for the night. Trust me, I'm all for team and doing what's best for it but Scals has got to give what the people want... including his teammates. With Lucas and Korver trying to feed the ball to Scalabrine, Scals passed up on a handful attempts to make the girls go wild. Scalabrine is more interested in making the right pass and doing the small things to make his team better. Damn him... Just shoot the ball! Only kidding folks :)

Wow, that's a lot of quick hits for a 40 point blowout win. I can't believe the longest quick hit was an analysis on Brian Scalabrine's game tonight. Great way to start out the Bulls' home campaign. I'll try to keep you posted on the C.J. Watson injury, hopefully it won't be as bad as it looked. Happy New Year to you all.

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