Quick Hits: Bulls Demolish Suns 118-97; Rose Injury Update

Quick Hits: Bulls Demolish Suns 118-97; Rose Injury Update
This sucks Q, I just wanna wynnnnnn

Back again with the Quick Hits after a 3 game absence. After a thrashing in Memphis, the Bulls dominated and everyone who wore a Bulls jersey was on fire. The Bulls are entering a much needed two days rest after playing 7 games in 9 days. No one needs the rest more than Derrick Rose who missed his 3rd game of the season and the 2nd consecutive game as in many days.

  • "Hop on the Booze Cruise"? - I've been critical of Stacey King with his "booyah" style of commentating but I like this line. More importantly, Booze's stat line runs as follows: 31 points and 6 rebounds in 32 minutes. Dare I say, along with Noah, Carlos Boozer played very active tonight. Not too many defensive lapses and was in the right position through most of the game.
  • Rip's Back - For those of you who don't follow Twitter, Richard Hamilton starting at the 2-guard position may have come as a surprise. Rip wasted no time as he got off in fast start in the 1st quarter showing there's no rust in his legs. Finishing the game with 11 points in 21 minutes, I was more pleased to know Rip finished the game without any setbacks.
  • Rose Sits Out in His 2nd Consecutive Game; 3rd of the Season - Different from his last two games the NBA's reigning MVP posted a DNP on the box score, Derrick Rose watched tonight's game in a suit versus his warmup gear. In a condensed season with the long term picture in mind, rumblings amongst Chicago media outlets that Rose may not play until 1/23 versus New Jersey. With the Bulls winning tonight by 21 by improving their record without Rose to 2-1 and C.J. Watson and Rip Hamilton returning the lineup, anxiety of Rose not playing may be reduced.
  • Rose's Injury Now Labeled as "Turf Toe" - In my opinion, this is bad news. We as Bulls fans witnessed the repercussions of a turf toe injury last year with Carlos Boozer in the playoffs. Much of Boozer's ineffective play was caused by this turf toe injury which plagued Boozer to have any lift with his jump (Insert joke here). A pesky injury such as turf toe can plague a player throughout his season. Much of Rose's return will hinge on his pain threshold when he takes off from his left foot. Like I mentioned on my last hit, 6 days of rest would do Rose best.

Not too much analysis from tonight's game as you can tell. Phoenix is a bad team who possess no talent for Steve Nash to run with. Top that with not shooting well and the Bulls having a hot hand from the start, tonight's game was another laugher. Rose's turf toe is a significant concern as this type of injury will not completely disappear with 6 days rest like other injuries. Regardless, this is still a good team without Rose. Remember you win championships in May, let the kid heal.

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  • for sure about D-Rose, make him sit this weekend cause you know he's gonna say he is playing....sexy new pic for your blog, very nice...uh yea nice to see Booz and Noah back, now just to be more consistent of course....CJ looks like he didn't miss a beat, and I hope Rip continues to stay healthy, he's so solid, you can't ever really find any major fault how he plays...I love the way Stacey announces, but how many times a game do you think Neil looks at Stacey and thinks, "could you just close your mouth and let me do my job!" hahahaha it all works out and I love it (except I don't like the Luol Deng-erous Stacey just started, not working for me)

  • In reply to Keep:

    Thanks Kuep... I was definitely going for "sexy" on the new picture.

    * Yeah, CJ didn't miss a beat at all which is really encouraging. He still says he's going through some pain though...

    * I don't know if I'm growing to be more cynical but at times, I would choose to watch a nationally televised broadcast (ABC, TNT, ESPN) over watching it from Comcast. I know what Stacey does is "entertainment" but his catch phrases seem to be his strong suit compared to analyzing the game. I would take Hubie Brown or our boy Johnny Red over Stacey King any day.

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