Quick Hits: Bulls Come Back by 19, Win an Ugly Game 76-74

Quick Hits: Bulls Come Back by 19, Win an Ugly Game 76-74
Yeah boys... Consider yourselves lucky...

Here are some quick hits from tonight's game versus the Hawks:

  • FG Shooting was God Awful - The Bulls were consistently around the 30% mark in FG shooting until their comeback in the 4th Quarter which they scored only 42 points.
  • What Killed the Heat Controlled the Bulls - Miami's first loss of the season last night was in large part of Atlanta transforming to a zone defense which Miami cannot shoot or attack out of. For parts of the game, Atlanta went to that 2-3 zone defense which not only threw the Bulls out of their system, controlled the tempo of the game. As soon as Derrick Rose attacked Atlanta's zone from its seams, Atlanta went back to man.
  • Lineup of the Game - If you weren't watching closely, the lineup of Rose, Korver, Asik, Gibson and Deng played together for most of the 2nd half. This particular lineup ended the game with a +18 (Rose - 22, Korver - 2, Asik - 2, Deng - 13, Gibson - 4). If you were wondering, the Bulls starters finished the game at -10, yuck.
  • Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Minutes for Rose (again) and Deng - Just like the Clippers game, Tom Thibodeau relied on Derrick Rose to play big minutes in order to win, 43:59. It's been documented Rose has worked extensively on his conditioning this offseason but with a shortened season, I'm afraid we're going to see a tired Rose come June.
  • Boozer and Noah Flat... Again - For another game, we're witnessed to seeing 2 of our higher paid Bulls sitting on the bench come crunch time. Noah was ineffective again from both ends of the floor and Carlos Boozer kept missing close range shots and giving poor effort. Boozer likes to put up a show by yelling during rebounds or shakes his head in excitement during a big offensive play but his overall effort is absolutely poor. Not $94 million worth.

One honorable mention I didn't mention was that the Bulls didn't win this game. The Hawks gave it away. With an absolutely piss poor gameplan during the end of the game (Joe Johnson isolations and poor shot selection) and the Hawks unable to convert on free throws, the Bulls should have never been able to come back. The Bulls stole one from Atlanta and let's just hope we can play better versus Detroit.

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  • Yea, so I love how Tibs does not care who it is, if you aren't playing well (especially on the defensive end) you aren't gonna play...did notice that Booz, Noah and Brewer were almost out the whole second half...but then he puts in Noah, knowing he is a great passer for a big, and draws up the great game winning play for Deng, wow what a call...Are there many other coaches who bench their starters as much as he does? The only 2 players almost guaranteed to end the game are Deng and Rose (for obvious reasons), and we are so lucky as Bulls fans to have a team that accepts this, at least from what is seen so far (not sure if Booz or Noah will get upset later or do it behind closed doors)....the thing I'm concerned about is that Noah and Booz need to get better so Tibs doesn't have to do this, because they should be out there and they need to work harder or execute better for the sake of the playoffs...we may not be able to beat the Heat if we have to bench these guys....
    Now, I understand that the Hawks gave us this game, but you gotta say that since the Bulls defense did so well and held Atlanta closer even when we couldn't hit a shot, the Bulls did deserve this win...They shoulda been down by 30 instead of 19, but their defense understood how to get Atlanta to take those dumb shots or cause those 4th quarter turnovers....yes, I can't get too excited about this win, but I think they deserve it.

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