Derrick Rose Should Not Participate in the 2012 Olympics

Derrick Rose Should Not Participate in the 2012 Olympics
My toe hurts Q...

We had "the thumb" in November and now, we have "the toe" in January.

Very much like Jay Cutler's fractured thumb he sustained when he was chasing a defensive back to prevent a touchdown, Derrick Rose's left, big toe is taking the sports media in Chicago by storm, conducting debate after debate on the timetable for his return. As of now, there is no timetable. Derrick Rose's return back to the Bulls' lineup is contingent on his pain threshold and the amount of swelling his toe sustains. What's scary about this injury is that it doesn't go away. Jay Cutler's injury will heal (if it hasn't already by now) and by the time he starts throwing again, he should not feel any effects from it. Instead for Rose, we can sit him until after the All-Star break and he will still feel pain. Given the pain will not be as bad as it was when he sustained the injury but it will still be there... and it might worsen. Which is why Derrick Rose should not participate in the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games.

Rose is among the 20 players under consideration to represent the United States in this August's Olympic Games held in London. As the months progress, the list will dwindle to the final 12 but given Derrick Rose is the reigning MVP and arguably one of the best players in the biggest and best basketball leagues in the world, he is an essential lock.

If the Bulls are serious about contending for championships in 2013, 2014, 2015, and so forth, they must advise Rose to seriously consider sitting out 2 months of training camp and another long month of travel, public appearances, and most importantly extremely competitive international play.

It is very safe to assume for now the Bulls will be playing into late May and hopefully into June (the NBA Finals). Regardless of whether the Bulls lose in the ECF or win or lose in the NBA Finals, and then play in the 2012 Olympics,  Rose won't have much time to recuperate going into training camp in October of '12.

As a Chicagoan and a proud American, it comes with great pride to see one of Chicago's own wearing a "USA" jersey however multiple opportunities to win an NBA championship will always trump the opportunity to win a gold medal.


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  • you're probably right, but you know D-Rose is gonna play if it's up to him...It would take Tibs doing something to stop him from playing!

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