Bears Make Sound Move By Promoting Tice

Bears Make Sound Move By Promoting Tice
Yeah Boy... I'm Excited

Even though Mike Tice may have been their only move, Lovie Smith made a safe bet by promoting Bears Offensive Line Coach to Offensive Coordinator. To make things complicated for Bears fans and create another stir, the Bears announced they will be searching for a “passing game coordinator” to compliment Mike Tice. Tweets have flooded 670 AM’s Lawrence Holmes and our own Chicago Now’s Adam Oestmann about how both the offensive coordinator and the “passing game coordinator” will work in Halas Hall but it is understood Tice will be making the play calls during gamedays as this “passing game coordinator” will be devising passing plays during the week. We will be looking forward to the upcoming days or weeks whether this “passing game coordinator” will be an extension of the QB’s, RB’s, or OLine Coach or a whole position of its own.

The Mike Tice promotion make sense. It provides some continuity to a system the Bears offense is familiar with. Unlike from what we have seen from Mike Martz’s offense, Tice feels, “It will be important for us to utilize the talents of our players and exploit matchups each Sunday.” With Tice’s knowledge in the Bears blocking schemes, the Bears will look to run the ball more but have deep passing attacks according to Matt Bowen.


What may be forgotten throughout discussion is that Tice may be the only choice the Bears had. With Lovie Smith entering his final year on his contract, there won’t be too many suitors who may want to coach for a lame duck coach. Whether Mike Tice may have been the only choice, I feel he was the safest choice. By working closely with Jay Cutler, I expect Tice to scheme this offense around Cutler’s strengths and most importantly, allow him to audible out of plays if necessary. Mike Martz failed because he tried to make the players work around his system, an obsolete system. Hopefully, this other Mike will do the opposite.

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