Quick Hits: Bulls Beat Kings 108-98

Quick Hits: Bulls Beat Kings 108-98
Carlos Boozer Hits 1 of His 8 FGs

A few quick hit thoughts after tonight's win versus Sacramento

  • Attack Wished, Wish Granted - One of the biggest criticisms leading up to tonight's game was the lack of offense from the Bulls in the past two games. With Rose taking slight criticism for getting his teammates too involved, the NBA's MVP vowed to be more aggressive to jumpstart his team's offense. This game was much different from the previous 2 in this West Coast road trip. After defensive stops, Rose and the Bulls offense attacked the Kings in transition scoring 33 fast break points.
  • Watson and Asik Had Strong Performances - At times throughout the game, primarily early in the 3rd Quarter, Rose got into foul trouble causing C.J. Watson to start his relief shift a little earlier than expected. With the game going any way at any moment, C.J. Watson did a very good job keeping the offense afloat by making smart plays but more importantly, not turning the ball over. Omer Asik also had to make an early appearance to the game because of Joakim Noah's foul trouble. Asik who struggled defensively versus DeMarcus Cousins, got stronger as the game progressed leading to Cousins putting up bad shots and eventually fouling out of the game.
  • Boozer Had a Solid Game - 16 points, 15 rebounds...
  • Bulls Still Struggle Defending the High Pick and Roll - Kings Guards Marcus Thornton and Jimmer Fredette were able to keep the hometeam in the game by long range bombs by a lack of defensive consistency from the Bulls.
  • Joakim Noah Cannot Get Away From Foul Trouble - For the 3rd consecutive game in as many games in this season, Noah had to depart early from the game because of foul trouble. Foul issues in the 1st and 3rd Quarters gave Asik some extra tick. So far, Noah's performance has been underwhelming and has not left his defensive signature in any game this season.

This game was a roller coaster. We were treated to a 15-0 run early in the 1st but squandered it within 3 minutes when Sacramento cut the lead to 6 at the end of the 1st. The Bulls need to be more consistent defensively and not allow teams to come back and make it a game. Bulls got a win tonight and that's all we can ask for.


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  • This team is still plagued by the same problems from last year. This team will look great in the regular season, but when it comes time for the playoffs, we will once again struggle to score. Our GM needed to land a scoring SG, but instead we settled for an aging veteran who is not as a sharpshooter he once was.

  • Hey what's going on... While I may agree that for the past 3 games, it still feels like we have Keith Bogans still running at the 2, I think Rip was the best option available. Rip came in cheap (compared to the contracts of Crawford and Afflalo) and Rip is willing to play defense while not completely throwing the Bulls out of their system.

    Hopefully Hamilton won't be a SLIGHT upgrade to Bogans. Who would you have made a run for during Free Agency?

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