Derrick Rose Is No Role Model?

Derrick Rose Is No Role Model?

While making my rounds around the Chicago Tribune website, I stumbled upon an Opinion Piece written by Mark Yost. You can find the article here. Since Rose signed his $94.8 million contact a week ago, admiration for Derrick Rose's humility and his rags to riches story re-emerged front and center since his MVP Press Conference back in May.

In one hand, I firmly believe athletes should not be held the responsibility of being a role model, a la Charles Barkley however in the other hand, it is acceptable for a 14 year old boy living in Barrington or Englewood to look up to the likes of  a Derrick Rose as a role model.

Yost writes, "First is the false promise that many of these kids can grow up to be just like Rose. It is simply a fairy tale. Of all the kids in America who play high school basketball, about 3 percent end up getting college scholarships" which may be true however is it wrong for a teenager who is raised in an impoverished neighborhood to look at Rose, and give themselves belief that IT MAY HAPPEN? Although the odds to succeed for a young male raised in neighborhoods like Englewood are fairly low, Derrick Rose is an exceptional blueprint for success. Yost fails to realize that Rose's idolization is not because he bounces a basketball well however Rose worked extremely hard at his craft (in this case it's basketball) and Rose treats everyone with respect. Youths shouldn't look at Rose and say, "Basketball is going to be my only way out of these projects" but "If I work hard enough, I can be set up for success"

In my definition, a Role Model is someone you want to emulate to where one day, you yourself can reach your ultimate goal. The reason why we have Role Models like Derrick Rose, Barack Obama, and even the polarizing Tim Tebow is because one day, we hope to be successful like them. Without role models, where would Derrick Rose be today?


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  • I wrote about it too.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Hey Evan,

    I was taken back by the notion that this is a Suburb vs. City matchup but after re-reading Yost's article, it does paint a connotation his message is directed to kids in the inner city. The irritating thing I read was, "Furthermore, these kids are often told to sacrifice academics for the sake of athletics"

    Who's telling these kids to drop a book for basketball?!

  • It depends on being a role model for what.

    Rose may have learned how to play basketball in some playground across the street from the 74th St. Bus Garage, and is humble, but, really, how many boys from Englewood are going to get $94 million dollar contracts as a result? As they often say about those who think that pro sports are the way out, there are maybe 412 jobs in the NBA. And, you can turn out like Eddie Curry if you have one of the 412. Or some of them may go to a player from Turkey or Serbia.

    On the other hand, it still hasn't been resolved what kind of academic credentials he had to get into Memphis. Maybe that's about what most of the people from the south side should think.

    Nobody is looking at Bob Thomas as a role model, in that he went to law school while playing, and now is a state supreme court judge (and didn't need to be clouted by Burke to get it).

  • In reply to jack:

    That's the most important thing, "It depends on being a role model for what"...

    Like I mentioned, kids shouldn't look at Derrick Rose and think basketball's their only way out. Instead, kids should be inspired and follow the road he took to become successful.

    Whether it's basketball, practicing law or medicine, admire Derrick Rose for his work ethic...

  • Yea, this article really pissed me off, being a huge D Rose fan obviously. Does this moron really think that D Rose is trying to be a role model so that kids think they can make millions like him? D Rose never said, hey I wanna be a role model so kids can really believe they will make millions like me....He goes out and does everything professionally and is a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of Lebron, Wade, or even these other youngsters like John Wall, Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Cousins who act like they are kings at times...D Rose tries to show that he cares more about his team, his family, winning and always shows gratitude for how fortunate he is, the guy doesn't take anything for granted!
    Sorry for the rant, but basically the moron who wrote this is calling all athletes bad just for making money like we all want to do...D Rose is simply doing it in a better way than most athletes, especially b-ball players, so he can be seen as a role model, and there's no problem with letting kids know that they most likely will not make a living on basketball but it is okay to dream....

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