Briggs Resurrects Contract Annoyance

Briggs Resurrects Contract Annoyance
Lance Briggs During Playoff Game

It was annoying back in September and it's still annoying today. No, I'm not talking about Snooki and her "Meatball Problems" but it's Lance Briggs's displeasure with his current contract. On Thursday, Briggs sat with reporters and added "levity"  to the subject by stating, and I quote the Chicago Tribune,

“I believe that you said that earlier in the year you had contract issues and you decided to put that under the rug and forget about it and play,” Briggs began with a huge smile. “I’ll repeat the question now …’You seemed to enhance' my play this year, and ‘Do I hope that the Bears get the message going into the off-season?’

“I’m going to leave that as a ‘no comment.’”
Here we go again folks... Yes, Lance Briggs did an outstanding job this year. It is evident considering Briggs earned his 7th Pro Bowl appearance in 2011. Briggs complained once, quite loudly, in 2008 and eventually signed an extension. 3 years later, and after the front loaded money has been paid out to Briggs, here he is, similar to a homeless man on State and Wacker asking for more money.

John Clayton went on Waddle and Silvy yesterday stating that Briggs will be one of the Bears back in 2012 by offering additional bonuses or incentives. No one knows how this situation will play out, all I know is that it's played out. While Lance Briggs continues to perform at a high level and is considered a very good and strong locker room presence, his greed still rubs Bears fans the wrong way.

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