How to Properly Stage a Home for Sale

How to Properly Stage a Home for Sale

Staging a home is a key aspect to ensure that your home has the best likelihood of selling. If one has the funds to update the home to current home trends, the homeowner should consider improving the home to a level that would maximize net earnings once selling the property. Evaluate the improvement budget and all other costs necessary to sell the home against the proper market price at the time of sell; from there the seller may see if it makes sense to update the home.

The most efficient way to begin staging a home is to identify all spaces in the home and label those spaces as it relates to the intended use of the room. The minimum amount of defined spaces that will reach the maximum amount of consumers are: living space, dining space, workspace and space to eat, drink and entertain. We want to be sure the buyer can imagine themselves in many different spaces because a person will evaluate their purchase of real property on the basis that all spaces comprising the property will fit within their lifestyle. This space definition will cast the widest net to be sure their lifestyle is supported, making more buyers apt to purchase.

When buyers view properties, their focus typically defaults to the condition, placement and flow of the furnishings. We must be sure that their view of those furnishings are positive so that buyer may evaluate the property objectively against their purchasing goals. The way to execute here is to be sure furnishings are in the correct and functional space of the defined room(s) and that each space is free from clutter. Clutter and misplaced furniture overwhelms the buyer’s senses. To mitigate this, minimize the buyer’s focus on furniture and furnishings, and again, be sure they can imagine themselves in that space by focusing on the real estate itself: the room sizes and the actual home’s structure.

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