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Holding her while she took her last breath was the best thing I could have done

It’s been a rough few months in our home, but last Friday was one of the most difficult days of my life. She was a baby when we brought her home. Big, beautiful brown eyes that glittered with mischief had me at first glance. She played hard, slept harder and was an absolute snuggle bug.... Read more »

Does ComEd hate dogs?

I cannot figure out why ComEd would hate dogs, but apparently, they do. Several years ago, I let my dogs out in the backyard to do their business. From our patio door, I cannot see the gate to the backyard, so I had no idea that the meter reader had been in my yard and... Read more »

Hair is the bane of my existence

Why is hair the bane of my existence? 1. …because I have a tweener with trichotillomania (click to read my ongoing series about her treatment for this hair-pulling disorder). 2. …because I have two pugs that shed more hair in a day than they could possibly regrow, and yet, they are not bald. 3. …because... Read more »