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I screamed at you the other day and I'm not sorry

It makes me crazy when people use their stupidphone while driving. Why? Because I have yet to see someone that’s “good” at it. So, I screamed at you the other day, and I’m not sorry. Here’s what happened: I worked hard all day, as most of us do when at our jobs. My job is... Read more »

5 things drivers do that test my self-control

5 things drivers do that test my self-control
Anyone that has ridden as a passenger with me while I drive knows that I talk to the other drivers in a nearly unending one-sided conversation. Nothing tests my self-control and my walk as a “live-it don’t just preach it” Christian woman than driving in traffic. I’ve been known to comment under my breath, through... Read more »

La Petite Academy mini-bus driver - PUT DOWN THE CELLPHONE!

Those of you that know me personally, or have read some of my early blog posts (like Not Your Typical Athlete), know that people driving while talking on their cellphones, and/or texting while driving is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. It has been since long before the laws made it a no-no. No, you aren’t... Read more »