I purchased my first smartphone today and I already hate it

I purchased my first smartphone today and I already hate it
I'm sticking to my pledge. This isn't a selfie, it's a "phelfie" (phone-selfie).

It's true. Ask my friends and family. I bought my very first smartphone today and I already hate it.

There's nothing wrong with the phone. It's a "certified pre-owned" iPhone 4s, 16G with a pay-as-I-go plan.

I'm extremely frugal, so the price of a brand new phone about gave me a rash, or a heart attack. You folks with your new iPhone 6's are completely daft.

The phone works great. It has lots of really cool features. I can type on a mini-keyboard to send a text.

Goodbye, old friend!

Goodbye, old friend!

With my old Nokia phone, I had to press number 2 3x's just to get to the letter "c". The iPhone is a huge upgrade.


I am a technology and gadget girl. I learned how to use a computer and all the software as an adult. I installed my own wi-fi until AT&T decided to forcibly "upgrade" us to U-verse.

A few months ago, I built my own computer. This old dog easily learns new things. That's what gave me so much trepidation over owning a smartphone.

I hate it, because I'm already checking it all.the.time.

It's sitting next to me blasting 1970's soft rock, and I'm helping it "learn" my preferences.

This evening, I installed the Twitter App. I had to put.. the.. phone.. down.. and.. step.. away.

This is exactly what I was afraid of.

My current excuse is that I'm trying to learn how to use it. Right.

So, it's time to set some rules and boundaries.

Here is my pledge to friends and family regarding the use of my new smartphone:

I pledge...

...to practice what I preach and never use my handheld phone while driving.

...to only use the bluetooth feature in my car while I'm driving if it's an emergency.

...to never, ever take a picture of my food while at a restaurant, unless it's something no one would believe I actually ate, or the food is still breathing or moving.

...to never, ever own a selfie stick.

...to almost never take selfies.

...to put my phone down when we're together and enjoy your company, face to face, without checking my phone constantly.

...to never own one of those earpiece bluetooth thingies and talk loudly while grocery shopping.

...to never be in a public place talking loudly on it.

...to keep it charged and check it when it's appropriate and polite to do so.

...to help someone in need, rather than take a video of his or her distressed state.

...to take a picture of your sorry behind as you blow through the 4-way stop at the end of my block.

...to never, ever make my technology more important than the actual people I'm trying to stay in touch with.

That's my pledge. If I break this pledge, I'll unplug this devil's toy and walk away. Period.

Romans 12:2 (CEB)

2 Don’t be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you can figure out what God’s will is—what is good and pleasing and mature.

Ephesians 6:12 (CEB)

12 We aren’t fighting against human enemies but against rulers, authorities, forces of cosmic darkness, and spiritual powers of evil in the heavens.

Source: Biblegateway.com

How do you feel about your smartphone? Do you own a smartphone, or did you hold out longer than me?

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