I screamed at you the other day and I'm not sorry

It makes me crazy when people use their stupidphone while driving. Why? Because I have yet to see someone that's "good" at it. So, I screamed at you the other day, and I'm not sorry.

Here's what happened:

I worked hard all day, as most of us do when at our jobs. My job is not generally stressful, but several things had happened at work that effected the entire workplace environment. We were all a little edgy that day.

I was PMS'ing.

There is road construction over at least half of my way to/from work, and there is no good alternative. It will take just as long, or longer to "go around" as it does to drive through it.

Are you sensing the mounting frustration yet?

So, on my way home from work, a miniscule 6.3 mile drive, while attempting to get home in a timely manner to feed and spend a few minutes with my hubby before he went to work his overnight 12-hour shift, I came across not one person using a handheld stupidphone while driving, but FOUR.

FOUR!        no dialing no texting LVHR408

Do you know why I even bothered to see if these people were on their phones? Because they were all being STUPID, DANGEROUS and/or ANNOYING, so I looked to see if they were on their phones.

Yup -- every single one of them was.

The first one pulled out of the hotel driveway right in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes to not T-bone her.

Know why she didn't see me? Because her left hand was holding a stupidphone plastered to her left ear, and she couldn't see around it to see me coming.

She never looked before she pulled out, and she never acknowledged the fact that I was there. She was so absorbed in her conversation that she had no idea what was going on around her.

The second one was guy, about 300 yards later. He was texting. Know how I know? Because he was in front of me in the left turn lane staring at his crotch. He was so busy texting whomever, all the rest of us behind him MISSED THE TURN ARROW.

Thanks a bunch, jerk. We had to wait for the light to cycle all the way through the cross traffic before getting the green arrow again.

My frustration level was at a new high.

The third one was about mile later. She was dialing or texting or something. Know how I know?

I know because she couldn't keep her very large SUV in her own lane. She kept drifting over into mine, nearly side-swiping me.

By the third drift, I blasted my horn. She looked up startled and then flipped me off in front of her kids. Nice. Great example to set for your toddlers in their car seats behind you.

Frustration doesn't begin to describe where I was at by this point.

Believe it or not, I hadn't sworn or cussed at anyone. I was just having an internal meltdown at the unbelievable level of stupidity going on around me. Then, about ¼ mile later....

Number four, you were the last straw. Number four, you had your windows down, and so did I.

Number four, you were so busy texting that you never saw the traffic light turn green. You sat there with your stupidphone in your lap texting away while all the traffic in front you left and all the traffic behind you backed up.

I happened to come alongside you, moving along slowly with the heavy traffic in my own lane when I saw what you were doing.

This is where it happened: this is where I screamed at you, and I'm not sorry. I screamed, "Put it down! PUT THE PHONE DOWN!"

You looked up, startled, realized the traffic had left you behind, set the stupidphone down and drove off.

Meanwhile, you'd backed up the traffic and delayed every single person behind you, because you lacked the courtesy of paying attention to your driving.

Good job.

Yes. I'm on a rant. I am so tired of people lacking the courtesy it takes to put down their stupidphones and drive.

Pay attention to your driving, people. You are driving at least a couple thousand pounds of deadly force.

The driver's seat is not a phone booth. It's not a restaurant, or your kitchen table. It's not a coffee shop.

Your children are watching.

What you do in the driver's seat is what they will do in the driver's seat.

Do you want your brand new teen driver to think it's OK to text and drive? How about talk on a handheld device and drive? That's exactly what they will do if you model it to them.

It's also not your RIGHT to drive. Driving is a privilege. That privilege can be taken away from you if you cause a wreck and maybe hurt or kill someone.

Put the phone down! No, you're not good at it. NO, you're not.

Can you please think of others on the road? Can you please be courteous enough to care about the safety of the people around you?

When you choose to focus on your stupidphone instead of on your driving, you endanger everyone around you. You endanger me. Worse, you endanger my children.

So, yes, I screamed at you the other day, and I'm not sorry. I'll probably do it again, because these stupidphones aren't going away, and neither are the discourteous people that use them.

Matthew 7:12 (CEB)

12 Therefore, you should treat people in the same way that you want people to treat you; this is the Law and the Prophets. 

(Yes, if I'm being stupid, you can call me out on it).

Philippians 2:3 (CEB)

3 Don’t do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves.

Source: Biblegateway.com

Have you had any experiences like these with drivers on their stupidphones? Do you use your phone while driving?

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