Hair is the bane of my existence

Why is hair the bane of my existence?

1. ...because I have a tweener with trichotillomania (click to read my ongoing series about her treatment for this hair-pulling disorder).

2. ...because I have two pugs that shed more hair in a day than they could possibly regrow, and yet, they are not bald.

3. ...because I'm only 46 years old and my formerly very dark brown hair has gone very, very grey.

Really, my daughter's trich problem is the bane of HER existence, not mine. She's such a beautiful, brave kid, and it makes my heart break to see patches of near baldness on her head.

She has beautiful hair, too. Medium brown, long, silky soft with wavy curls; very much like my hair used to be.

She's working with a therapist in the hope to conquer this beastly disorder.

Pugs - oy, the hair from the pugs! It's everywhere. I could vacuum 3 times a day (which I won't), and we'd still find pug hair everywhere.

It's baffling how they can still have anything left on their fuzzy little bodies.

There is pug hair on my socks, pug hair on my pants, and pug hair in my shoes, because it was attached to my socks.

In fact, sometimes, that pug hair is super sharp and sticks like a needle into the bottom of my foot. OUCH! Who knew?

If you happen to visit our humble abode the day after I vacuum - as opposed to the few minutes after I vacuum which is the only time there is little hair to be found, beware of the growling pug-hair tumbleweeds. They don't play nice.

Really and truly, the ultimate bane of my existence is my own hair. I am blessed with amazingly fast-growing, curly hair.

Up until my early 30's, it was a gorgeous, rich, dark brown with glistening red highlights. All of it natural; until it wasn't.

I began finding grey hairs when I was 17 years old. One here, one there...nothing to panic about by any means.

Then, in my late twenties, I got married. Huh. Suddenly, the grey hairs began to multiply. Rapidly.

I wonder if there is a correlation there? But I digress...

So, in my early 30's, I decided to color my hair. I had it done professionally, and I liked it. Then I let it go for a while.

Then, I colored it again, myself. It was good. It was much cheaper than the salon. I was OK with that.

I stopped coloring while I was pregnant and nursing, so for the better part of 3 years, I let it go. Wow, did I find out just how grey I was getting.

I would inconsistently color my hair, sometimes dark, sometimes more red than brown, sometimes just...brown.

Once, I let my hair go for a few months, and a lovely lady asked me if my toddlers were my grand-babies.

Uh....NUH.  I've colored fairly consistently since then. Until now.

With the last handful of months being crazy with a new job and the holidays, I hadn't quite made the time for myself.

Then, my oldest (the one with the trich) said to me, "Mom, when are you going to color your hair?"

"As soon as I have a spare hour or two. Why?"  "Well, you're really getting grey."

(According to the last salon coloring I had a couple years ago, I'm about 80% grey these days. I KNOW I'm getting grey. Thanks).

"So what if I'm grey? I'm thinking of letting it go grey."  (Horrified) "DON'T DO THAT!"

"Why not?"  "Because you look old when you're grey."

Awesome. Excellent. Thanks a bunch, kiddo.

I'm sitting here, writing this blog waiting for the timer to go off, because I'm coloring my old, grey hair back to a rich, light amber.

I stink. My head is tingling ever so slightly. I look ridiculous, and I dread rinsing the dye out in the utility tub.

The tub is tall, I'm short, did I mention the chemicals STINK, and my belly gets squashed when I lean over the tub.

Yup. Hair is definitely the bane of my existence, but at least I won't look old anymore. Now if I could just do something about my chunky butt...

Proverbs 16:31 (NIV)

31 Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.

Psalm 71:9 (NIV)

9 Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.


Do you have grey hair? Do you color, or let it go natural?

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