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Johnny Rodgers Rocks Chicago's Piano Bar Scene

Winter Solstice is here. The shortest day of the year means the longest night of the year. So leave the stress of holiday preparations behind by unwinding with the phenomenal singer/pianist Johnny Rodgers at Davenport’s Piano Bar and Cabaret. Rodgers will perform in Davenport’s front room (the bar) tonight, December 21, from 7:30 p.m. to... Read more »

Dinah Washington Now Has A Street in Chicago, Part 2

The following photos illustrate the festive quality of the Dinah Washington street sign naming in Chicago, which I wrote about in Part 1 here:

May the Fourth Be With You!

Before Star Wars became a cultural icon, there was another grass roots cultural icon and space expert from Saturn. His name was Sun Ra. Click below to see and hear this expert give a musical tutorial on the cosmos as we don’t know it. Oh, and May the 4th be with you. CLICK HERE:


As April unfolds, here’s a cute little video in honor of jazz appreciation month.

CPL Overdue Book Amnesty: No Fines, No Fuss!

No overdue fines will be charged for Chicago Public Library books and/or other materials for the next two weeks (from August 20 to September 7). The library is calling it the “Once In A Blue Moon Amnesty Program.” An opportunity like this one comes along rarely — “once in a blue moon,” as the saying... Read more »

Chicago Korean Festival 2012: This Weekend

Find the 17th Annual Korean Festival in Chicago’s Albany Park Neighborhood, at 3200 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, today and tomorrow (August 18 and 19, noon to 10:30 pm each day).  The following promo shows the kind of ambiance that fest goers can expect:

Billiken grand marshal today is Strautmanis

President Obama’s deputy assistant, Michael Strautmanis, will lead today’s Bud Billiken Parade. However, the parade itself is the bigger story. Once upon a time, the parade route held so many more positive sights. Now there is a lot of blight, too many food deserts and poverty in too many areas near the parade. The good... Read more »

Gore Vidal videos: Laugh-In, Cavett and Beyond

Just a few years ago Gore Vidal was to appear in Chicago for a literary event but canceled due to ill health. He passed away on July 31, 2012. He was 86. His play, “The Best Man” is currently running on Broadway. In the ’60s,  ’70s,  and ’80s, Vidal was often a guest on television... Read more »

Buddy Guy: Happy Birthday! 76 Years Young

Today happens to be Buddy Guy’s birthday. The blues legend is now 76. And, of course, there’s going to be a celebration. On Wednesday, August 1, there’ll be a birthday bash at his club, Buddy Guy’s Legends. Toronzo Cannon and the Cannonball Express will perform. Legends staffer Anthony Moser says that Guy will attend, and that a lot of... Read more »

Treme's Donald Harrison: Jazz camp special guest for JIC

Treme's Donald Harrison: Jazz camp special guest for JIC
Donald Harrison, a legendary New Orleans saxophonist who is also consultant to the HBO television series “Treme,” was special guest artist at the 2012 Jazz Institute of Chicago’s “Straight Ahead and Other Directions Jazz Camp,” which wrapped up Thursday. This year’s four-day event, hosted by Columbia College Chicago, offered an expanded curriculum most exemplified by... Read more »