CPL Overdue Book Amnesty: No Fines, No Fuss!

No overdue fines will be charged for Chicago Public Library books and/or other materials for the next two weeks (from August 20 to September 7).

The library is calling it the "Once In A Blue Moon Amnesty Program."

An opportunity like this one comes along rarely -- "once in a blue moon," as the saying goes.  Actually, there hasn't been a library fine amnesty in Chicago for 20 years, according to CPL.

Fittingly, there literally will be a "blue moon" this month, on August 31. To read more about blue moons, click here.

So don't wait a minute longer.  Settle things at the library if you've been errant.  You'll be just in time to get busy with your studies, or to just catch up with your reading again, guilt free.

So, ready... set... get thee to the library with overdue books, etc., and pay no fines.

You only have until September 7.

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